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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987–1996) was a television version of the comic-book series.

The Turtles, at various times in the series: Turtle power!

Leonardo: We turtles don't know the meaning of the word 'defeat'.
Michaelangelo: That's right. We never bothered to look it up in the dictionary!

Shredder: You may call me, the Shredder.
Raphael: That's what she said.

Casey Jones: All I wanna know is when do I get to break something?!

Raphael: (In response to hearing his weapon clang against a foot soldier) Clang?! Did you say, "CLANG?"

Michaelangelo: Ultimo bummer, dudes, I had my belly set on that heartboard.
Donatello: Did that make sense to you?
Raphael: Not supposed to; Michaelangelo said it.

Splinter: The path that leads to what we truly desire is long and difficult, but only by following that path do we achieve our goal.
Michaelangelo: What? Follow a path? I guess he wants me to take a hike.

Bebop: I wonder why the delivery guy stopped here.
Rocksteady: Maybe he was visiting his mommy.
Bebop: I wish I could visit my mommy.
Rocksteady: Why don't you?
Bebop: I try, but every time she sees me, she runs away screamin'.

Krang: I want that robot!
Shredder: Now Krang, you can't have everything you see on TV!
Rocksteady: If you're real good, maybe you'll get one for Christmas!

Krang: By the way, in case you have any ideas about turning the creature against me, remember that I too have a remote control, more powerful than yours! Mine works the TV, the VCR, and the stereo!

Krang: Shredder, bring that robot down here before the Turtles find you!
Shredder: Those wretched reptiles will never find me. I've changed my image. Look! While those Turtles are searching abandoned warehouses and roach-infested tenemants, I'll be luxuriating here [at a hotel].
Krang: And just how are you paying for all this?
Shredder: I borrowed your Alien Express card! I never leave the Technodrome without it.

Vernon: Have no fear! Newsman is here!
Michaelangelo: Newsman?
Raphael: Yeah, I can't wait to meet his sidekick, Weather Boy.

Shredder: Krang, I could not control the Mutagen Monster! I must have your help!
Krang: It's nice to be wanted.
Rocksteady: Yeah... (holds up a Wanted poster of himself) I know just what you mean!

Shredder: Ohoh, those morons! I should've handled this hero business myself! But I'd rather eat brussel sprouts for a week than be a do-gooder.

Shredder: Months of work, ruined! Oh, you imbecilic incompetent! Thanks to you, I now have to grovel before the baneful bag of brains, Krang.
Baxter: But why from a garbage heap?
Shredder: Because this is the site he chose for the trans-dimensional convergence! I think he did it just to annoy me.

Rocksteady: Rocksteady here. That you boss?
Shredder: No, it's the Tooth Fairy.
Bebop: Hey lemmie talk to dat crook! I left my little baby tusk under my pillow and didn't get nuttin'!

Shredder: No one can resist the Shredder... and no cow can resist salt!

Raphael: After all we just went through, how can you even look at a pizza?
Michaelangelo: I don't want to look at it; I just wanna eat it.

Shredder: You wretched reptiles! You'll pay for this!
Bebop: And bring cash. We don't take plastic!

Krang: This receptor ring will make the beast follow orders sent from this remote control device.
Bebop: Hey, I remember these things! (grabs the receptor ring and twirls it around him like a hula hoop)

Rocksteady: OK, lawbreaker, you're under arrest. You have the right to blah blah blah.
Bebop: (picks up a teddy bear) Awwww, ain't it cute? (stuffs it under his cape)
Shredder: Put it back.
Bebop: (throws the bear) Gee, I hate bein' a good guy!
Rocksteady: Yeah, when do we get that stinkin' diamond so we can do some damage?!
Shredder: I'm beginning to think this whole contest is phony. It's obviously a--oof!
Butler: I say down there! Congratulations! You've won the contest!
Shredder: Oh, I hate being wrong.

Shredder: Don't worry Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady will return with the equipment on schedule, you'll see.
Krang: Well they'd better for your sake! (turns a dark purple color) If those two bumbling cretins spoil my plans you're gonna pay for it big time!
Shredder: I never realized how purple brings out the lavender in your eyes.
Krang: Why thank you, do you think... ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!

Shredder: Ohh, I can't stand just sitting here in the dark not knowing what's happening!
Krang: That's because you're usually sitting in the light not knowing what's happening.

Rocksteady: Boy, traveling sure gives me an appetite. Lucky thing I swiped a snack from that pizza store! (takes out a pizza slice and eats it)
Bebop: Hey, maybe you don't wanna be eatin' dat. It's still got dat "love potion" junk on it!
Rocksteady: Hey, nothin's gonna happen to this rhino!
(The transport module comes to a stop.) Bebop: Y'know, these landings are getting a lot smoother.
Rocksteady: Okay, we're here! Now it's toitle-trashin' time!
(They come out and approach April.) April: Rocksteady and Bebop!?
Bebop: Ey look! It's that April babe!
Rocksteady: (suddenly lovestruck) April - the poifect name for a June wedding! Come to me, my pre-ci-ous!

Rocksteady: I'm puttin' you in charge of the wedding arrangements. Now go swipe a ring and kidnap a preacher!

Shredder: I would've brought back the Turtles and that meddling reporter if this blasted camera hadn't run out of videotape!
Krang: Excuses, excuses! Where are those cretins Bebop and Rocksteady?
Shredder: In here, along with that Polarisoid and half the city's landmarks!
Krang: Good. Keep them in there; I want to remember them always that way. Wait a minute! What's this? "Made in Taiwan"?! You metal-masked moron! You brought me the wrong camera!
Shredder: That meddling reporter must have picked up the real one!
Krang: Shredder, you numbskull ninja! I'm warning you - bring me that Polarisoid camera or else!

Michaelangelo: Come back here, Shredhead! Let's tangle!
(Lava forms from the transport module digging into the ground, and Michaelangelo and Raphael burn their feet, leaping in pain.) Donatello: You should be happy, fellas. Shredder may have escaped, but at least we saved the city!
Raphael: Oh yeah, we're dancin' in the streets!

Bebop: Hey, what's goin' on?! First we're floatin', and now we're fallin'!
Rocksteady: Yeah! I wish gravity would make up its stupid mind!

Donatello: See that humongous dish?
Irma: Why thank you Donatello.
Donatello: Not you, Irma. I mean that satellite dish.
Irma: Hmmph! It's just like a man to choose TV over me!

Leonardo: What's a cat doing up here?
Raphael: Probably asking that same question about four turtles!

Shredder: Attention slaves! I am your master, and I command you to obey me!
Vernon: (sobbing) I want my milk and cookies!
Shredder: You want WHAT?!?
Vernon: You heard me! I get awful cranky if I don't have my cookies! (kicks Shredder)
Shredder: OW! Why you--
April: (skates by, chasing Irma) Tag! You're it!
Shredder: Oh, what is going on?!
Burne: (standing on a stack of chairs) Hey mister! Help me change this channel! I wanna watch cartoons.
Shredder: No! I am the master, you are the slave, and I say no cartoons!
Burne: I wanna watch cartoons! I wanna watch cartoons! (The chairs fall down and Burne topples on Shredder.) Now look watcha did! You gave me a boo-boo! Aaaaaahhh!
Shredder: I don't believe this; Krang's Mezmerizer has time-warped everyone back into childhood!

Rocksteady: Come on! Somebody open this thing!
Bebop: (as they come in) Hey, why are all da lights out?
Rocksteady: Maybe it's a surprise party. (Shredder approaches, carrying a candleabra.) Yeow! It's Frankula!
Bebop: No way. It's Dracenstein!
Shredder: It's me, you idiots!

Michaelangelo: I'm worried, dudes. Maxwell's been acting totally strange.
Raphael: Maybe all those pizza crumbs are making him hyper.
Michaelangelo: No possible way! I always scrape off the anchovies!
(Maxwell leaps out of his fishbowl.) Leonardo: He's headed for the sewer!
(Maxwell jumps into the current with a bunch of other fish.) Michaelangelo: Max, where ya goin'?! (dives in after him) Come back!
Leonardo: Quick, Raphael! We've gotta rescue him!
Raphael: You mean Michaelangelo, or Maxwell?

Raphael: Okay boys, you heard the big cheese. We gotta get those meatballs!
Michaelangelo: Whoa, all this gangster talk is making me hungry.

Babyface Cleaver: Who are you guys? Eh, whaddayou want?
Leonardo: Big Louie said we should pay you a visit.
Wally: Gosh, Beav, whaddayou gonna do?
Babyface Cleaver: I dunno, Wally. Maybe we should grease the goobs. What do you think?
Wally: Gee, Beav, I'm not sure. We could get in a lot of trouble and stuff.
Babyface Cleaver: Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe we should ask Dad first.
Raphael: Maybe you guys should make up your minds while we're still young!

Donatello: How can you think about food? Don't you know what day it is?
Michaelangelo: Not Thinking About Food Day?

Donatello: Oh no! It's a zamboni machine!
Michaelangelo: No it's not, dude! It's that thing that smooths out the ice!
Donatello: A zamboni machine is the thing that smooths out the ice.

Leonardo: Look! It's the Beaver's hideout!
Donatello: Ooh, you mean that incredibly stylish four-story shopping mall?
Leonardo: No, I mean that incredibly run-down old warehouse next to the mall!
Michaelangelo: How come these gangster dudes always hang out in old abandoned warehouses?
Raphael: Because there aren't any old abandoned luxury penthouse suites!

Michaelangelo: But the best part of all is that my finny little bud Maxwell is back to normal again. (Maxwell squirts him and bites his finger) Ouch!
Leonardo: Maybe he's not so normal after all.
Raphael: Like anything that attached to Michaelangelo could be normal?
Michaelangelo: I am your leader; you are my pet! You will let go of my finger! Sit! Heel! Let go!

Krang: [Bebop and Rocksteady] will fail, Shredder; they always fail!
Shredder: But what choice do I have?! Only mutants are immune to the Mesmerizer's beam; humans like myself can't be near it when they set it off!
Krang: You don't have to explain it to me; I invented it, remember?
Shredder: I wasn't explaining it to you! (points at the camera) I was explaining it to them.

Rupert: When that thing gets close to capacity... Kabloo-hoo-hoo-hooey!
All: Kabloo-hoo-hoo-hooey?

Rocksteady: Get ready for the city's newest superheroes - RHINOMAN! And his trusty sidekick Mighty Hog.
Bebop: 'Ey, I thought you was gonna be the trusty sidekick.
Michaelangelo: Bebop and Rocksteady as good guys?
Raphael: This is one of those stories where we wake up at the end, and it was all a dream, right?

Shredder: ...Tonight I dine on turtle soup.

Krang: Build me a body!

Shredder: (In a whiney voice, after the Technodrome is teleported to Dimension X) But I don't want to conquer this place! I want to conquer Earth!

Shredder: (wanting to go back to Earth, in a whiney voice) Send me back! Send me back!
Krang: (mockingly) Send me back! Send me back!

Shredder: (Bringing Krang's body to life) It's alive....it's alive!!!

Shredder: (Finding the fish which Baxter has found) Oh! This?! You incompetent maggot! This is a fish!
Baxter: Sorry, Master Shredder. He, uh, beat me to it.

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