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Terence Graham Parry Jones (born 1942-02-01) is a British comedian, actor, screenwriter, film director, political commentator, children's writer and Chaucerian scholar. He is probably best known as a former Python.

See also Monty Python's Flying Circus, And Now For Something Completely Different, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life and Labyrinth.


  • A Horse, a Bucket and a Spoon.
  • It took 200 years for the Crusaders to create [this] Muslim fanaticism. It was the exact imitation of Christian intolerance.
    • Crusades, episode 4; first broadcast in January 1995. Co-written with Alan Ereira. [1]
  • Saying "We will destroy terrorism" is about as meaningful as saying: "We shall annihilate mockery."
  • What is meant by: "We mustn't give in to the terrorists"? We gave in to them the moment the first bombs fell on Afghanistan.
    • The Daily Telegraph, December 1, 2001.
  • Ludicrous concepts…like the whole idea of a "war on terrorism". You can wage war against another country, or on a national group within your own country, but you can't wage war on an abstract noun. How do you know when you've won? When you've got it removed from the Oxford English Dictionary?
  • Why do I feel so exercised about what we think of the people of the Middle Ages?...I guess it's because so many of their voices are ringing vibrantly in my ears – Chaucer's, Boccaccio's, Henry Knighton's, Thomas Walsingham's, Froissart's, Jean Creton's... writers and contemporary historians of the period who seem to me just as individual, just as alive as we are today. We need to get to know these folk better in order to know who we are ourselves.


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