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That's So Raven is a 2003 television show about Raven Baxter, a teenage psychic that can see into the future. "So I have these occasional visions that may or may not come true." Raven and her family and friends always get involbed into weird situations, struggling to stop the visions from coming true.


Season One

Psychics Wanted

Raven: [with a Jamaican accent] Ms. Telulah on the line. Who be you?

Saturday Afternoon Fever

Wake Up, Victor

Driven To Insanity

Party Animal

Teach Your Children Well

A Fish Called Raven

Test Of Friendship

Eddie: Wait, wait, Rae? Did you have a vision? Preferably, a vision about me dating a cheerleader? Or another cheerleader?
Raven: Eddie, I have visions, not fantasies.

Chelsea: [gasps] Raven!
Raven: [gasps] Oh! I have the answers to Eddie's test!
Chelsea: No, you said Didi! That's my aunts name!

Chelsea: So what do you want, Rae?
Raven: You know what? I want you to be the one who's psychic so I'll be the one asking you, "So, watcha gonna do?"
Chelsea: Oh. So, watcha gonna do?

Chelsea: Yeah! Who wants to go party with the boys when you can come over to Rae's and have a nice study party!
Eddie: [sarcastically] Yeah, and afterwards, maybe we can sit around, do each other's toenails, and share our feelings!

Raven: So, Chelsea, what are we playing for?
Chelsea: Yes, we're playing for a nice cold root beer! Courtesy of...your mom and dad! That's right, your mom and dad!

Cory: [speaking in Spanish] Stupido, stupido, stupido!

Eddie: [to window cleaner] You missed a spot! Still there! Still there! [cleaner gets frustrated]

Raven: I hear your students might be switching to French!
Senorita Rodriguez: French! I bet that new French teacher is behind this! Madam What's-Her-Face!

Raven: [trying to tell Eddie he got the wrong test] You see what happened is they gave your Uncle Louie the wrong test! You see, so they gave him a completely wrong test! So, he got a totally wrong test! You see? Comprende?
Eddie: [not understanding] I don't have and Uncle Louie.
Senorita Rodriguez: Raven, we're about to take a test!
Raven: But-
Senorita Rodriguez: Raven, Eddie obviously doesn't care about his Uncle Louie!

Senorita Rodriguez: Well, Eddie, you're done early.
Eddie: Yeah, well Spanish always comes easy to a brother.
Senorita Rodriguez: [speaks to him in Spanish]
Eddie: Uh...salsa?

Mother Dearest

Campaign In The Neck

Smell Of Victory

A Dog By Any Other Name

Ye Olde Dating Game

The Parties

Dissin' Cousins

Separation Anxiety

Escape Clause

If I Only Had A Job

To See Or Not To See

Season 2

Out of Control

Don't Have a Cow

Cory: C'mon, William.
William: For real?
Cory: Yeah! Just don't touch yourself.

Run Raven Run

Alana: BAXTAAA!! This is all your fault!

Eddie: I like you too.
Loca: You better!

Cory: [about Raven] I'm going to miss her... [to William] Pass the popcorn.

Clothes Minded

Raven: [inside air vent] Dead bug, dead bug! Live bug, live bug!

Four's a Crowd

Hearts and Minds

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind

Victor: You're grounded!
Cory: For how long?!
Victor: Two weeks! Or until rats talk!
Tanya: [voicing Lionel] Homie!

That's So Not Raven

Blue in the Face

Raven: [to herself] Girl, you are so ready for that Blue Rain concert.
Victor: So am I!

Chelsea: Oh yeah, 'cause remember, Rae. 27 cats. Whoa. Meow!

Spa Day Afternoon

Leave it to Diva

There Goes the Bride

Radio Heads

A Goat's Tale

Raven: [talking about Gomez the goat] Oh, Chelsea's right, he doesn't look so good. What d'you thinks wrong with him, girl?
Chelsea: Maybe it was something he ate.
Raven: Well, he ate everything.
Eddie: What do we do?
Chelsea: Okay. Mr. and Mrs. B, I need you to call Dr. Calvin, he's the best vet in town. Tell him it's Chelsea, and we have a goat down. Rae, you get some blankets. Cory, I need an ice pack. Eddie, you get a baby bottle with warm milk, stat.
[Raven, Eddie, Cory, and Raven's parents stare at Chelsea]
Chelsea: Yeah, I know, it's me, now MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, LET'S GO, LET'S GO!

He's Got the Power

Raven: [making wig for 70s night] You know 'cause he ditched us. And all the girls are like, "Ooh Eddie, you so cute. Ooh Eddie, you so rich! Oooh Eddie, you so psychic! Oooh Eddie you got the prettiest little eyes!!" [starts messing up wig]


The Dating Shame

The Road to Audition

The Lying Game

Evil Raven: I'm melting! I'm melting! I'm melt- [stops and looks at Cory] This is all...YOUR FAULT!!

Numb and Number

Cory: [hiding under a table at the dentist's] I don't think I can! I don't think I can!

My Big Fat Pizza Party

Biker: Hey, watch who you callin', Granny!
Mildred: Who you callin' Granny, punk?

Victor: You both are fired!
Chelsea: Man, we are sooo refired!

Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!
Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!
Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!

Biker: Let's roll, boys!
Mildred: Let's roll, girls!
William: Let's roll, mommy!

Shake, Rattle, and Rae

Season 3

Psychic Eye For the Sloppy Guy

Stark Raven Mad

Sierra: I'm Sierra, Raven's new best friend!

Opportunity Shocks

Taken to the Cleaners

Raven: Girl, please, this movie is not scary.
Raven: Now, that's scary.

Rhonda: You're on my list!

Five Finger Discount

Raven: You heard mom, Cory. Stealing is stealing, and you could go to jail!


Double Vision

Eddie: Told ya. Told ya twice.

Bend it Like Baxter

Eric: [thinking Raven is their star gymnist, Natasha Bubinski] I want to know everything about you. You're language, your culture, your intersts-
Eddie: [quietly] Why don't you just start with her name?
Raven: Hushski, Hushhushski, that's my dog. He is a Siberian Polar Poodle.

The Big Buzz

True Colors

Dog Day Aftergroom

The Royal Treatment

Raven: Why didn't I listen to my mommy?

Raven: A wedding? I love weddings. I hope I don't cry!
Eddie: Oh, you're going to cry, alright because it's your wedding!

Art Breaker

Eddie: Rae, did you just have a vision?
Raven: [panicing] Yes you see what happened was- [bumps into Chelsea's statue and shatters it] ...Something like that.

Boyz 'N Commotion

Gettin' Outta Dodge

Raven: Oh, remember the time when you put a lizard in Eddie's pants? [laughs]
Bianca: Can you find in your heart to forgive me?
Eddie: The lizard didn't bite my heart.

On Top of Old Oaky

Chelsea: [singing] On top of old Oaaaaaaaaky, all covered with leaves...
Señorita Rodriguez: Chelsea stop siiiiiinging, I'm begging you please!

They Work Hard For His Honey

[Fooling around in the Senor Frosty, Raven breaks something]
Raven: Oh, I broke something! Well, I don't think it's important...
Chelsea: Yeah it is, Rae. That looks like the A4-Regulator Valve.
Raven: How do you know that?
Chelsea: Uh, how do you not know that?

Raven: Something's wrong with the ice cream! It's all runny!
Eddie: Yeah. It's like someone broke the A4-Regulator Valve or something!
Raven: Why do you know that, too?

[The ice cream machine explodes. Chantel enters]
Chantel: Don't tell me someone broke the A4-Regulator Valve!

Chelsea: Aw... Why don't we have nicknames?
Raven: Ok, what about biscuithead?

Mind Your Own Business

Raven: You know what? That's a good looking picture of Mad Dog Sister.
Eddie: It's a really bad looking picture of Mad Dog!

Hizzouse Party

Mismatch Maker

Chef-Man and Raven

When in Dome

Too Much Pressure

The Grill Next Door

Extreme Cory

Point of No Return

Raven: [drops dummy on Fránc's foot] Sorry Frank!
Fránc: It's pronunced Fránc!
Raven: Fránc! ...I would like to buy this shirt please.
Fránc: [sarcastically] Oh, wow! No one's ever bought a blouse here before!

Raven: No, Chels, you have to overstretch it because when you let go, it's gonna snap back into shape. Okay, let go!
[The shirt doesn't snap back into shape, hangs long and loose]
Chelsea: Ummm, Rae, I don't think it's snappin'...

Country Cousins

Food For Thought

Mr. Perfect

Goin' Hollywood

Save The Last Dance

Cake Fear

Miss Patterson: Are you children enjoying them?
Raven, Chelsea, Eddie & Cory: ...Oh...yeah...ummm...
Miss Patterson': Good, 'cause I put something special in them. A dash...of cinnamon!
[Chelsea holds hands to neck and makes choking sound]
Chelsea: Oh wait did you say cinnamon?

Miss Patterson: Oh no, it's time...I have to do this now.
Raven: Wait, wait, do what?
Miss Patterson: Take a shower. Every day at exactly 6:03 I take a shower for exactly five and a half minutes. I call it me time.

Raven: Yes, all your evidence is in here, along with her evil... [pulls out knitting needles] knitting knealdes...and her evil... [pulls out teddy bear] teddy bear...and her of..nighty night stories...IT WAS IN HERE, I SAW IT!

Policeman: We're going door to door looking for a revenge-seeking babysitter.
Raven, Eddie & Cory: THAT'S HER!
Policeman: Where?
Raven: She's in there...making cocoa!

Vision Impossible

Four Aces

Season 4

Raven, Sydney and the Man

Pin Pals

Dues & Don'ts

Unhappy Medium

Adventure in Boss-Sitting

Hook Up My Space

Driving Miss Lazy

Be Prepared

Juicer Consequences

Sister Act

Checkin' Out

Kendra: Kendra Blair here...awaiting the return of the great fashion photographer, Pistache. Oh, here she comes now!
[Raven walks in dressed as Pistache]
Raven: [fake French accent] Bonjour! Ello, ello, ello, ello, ello. Frere Jacques. Where do we start with the big shooooow?!
Kendra: Shouldn't we wait for Donna?
Raven: NO! We do not wait for Donna. Pistache works very quickly. [snaps fingers] I have to go back into seclusion.

Raven: Oh! The boys, the boys!
Kendra: [slowly] How does it feel to be in A-mer-i-ca?
Raven: NO! You do not speak to the boys. They do not speak the same English as you speak. They speak another form of the language that you do not know. Boys! Saabite, wootita zoozoo...wika wah wika fiki fiki wah tika chika wah wah!
Zack: Tika tika wah.
Cody: Tika tika wah wah!

Raven: Oh la la! Pistache found the camera! Okay boys, smiley smile! Oh the pointing, the pointing. It's so rude, so rude, I love it! So nasty!
Kendra: Eh, Pistache...have you met Pistache?
Raven: There is no other Pis- [sees Donna also dressed as Pistache, coming towards her] Oh, snap! Okay there is a perfect explanation.

Pistache: [walks over to Zack and Cody] This is not Yan...and Kvelt.
Donna: Raven, you're fired.
Raven: Yeah, I kinda figured that.
Pistache: They are even better.
Donna: Raven, you're re-hired.
Raven: Sweet.

Donna: I think this is gonna work.
Raven: I know it is.
Pistache: I got it. And now, we dance.
[Everyone starts dancing]

Fur Better or Worse

Mad Hot Cotillion

Mrs. Rothschild: LAWRENCE, you're toast!

When 6021 Met 4267

Loca: Aaaah!! Where's the rest of you?!
Stanley: Just look in my eyes, baby, just look in my eyes.

Soup To Huts

Eddie: [repeated line] Don't get me started!

Zuckerman: You thought you can hide from me, didn't you?

Members Only

The Ice Girl Gometh

Rae of Sunshine

Theatre Guard: Young man! People are trying to watch the movie, you are going to have to leave!
Cory: Me?!

Chelsea: See I told him! Yeah! You heard me.
Cory: Yes Chelsea! Everybody heard you!

Eddie: [quietly] Hello, baby! I was expecting your call.
Raven: Eeew!! Eddie stop talkin' like that and put Chelsea on the phone!

The Dress Is Always Greener

Teacher's Pet

The Way We Are There

Where There's Smoke



Checkin Out

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

That's So In The House

Cory: Ya know I gotta admit, that was actually kinda funny.
Raven: That girl is fly!
Meena: Let's watch it again!

A Rat By Any Other Name

And The Weenie Is...

Uninvited Pest

Unidentified episode

Raven Baxter

  • That's not my heart, Chels, somebody is throwing a ball against my...face. You stay right there, you little nasty! [goes downstairs to give ball back to Sierra]
  • You know, I'm sorry I've been acting weird lately. I just want you to know I'm a kind, loving, completely normal...[has a vision]...oh snap, you little nasty!
  • Yeah, and my foot is like a pendulum. It will keep SWINGING!
  • You're Stone Cold Busted!
  • True, true. I didn't like you when you walked in the door. "WACKA WACKA WACKA!"
  • [just cheated on HOOK UP MY SPACE! and camera just zoomed in on Raven] Hey, America, How yall doin'.
  • Now that is ridiculous. I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic?
  • I saw the future and it was HUGE! It was like attack of the giant booties. I'm talking about a lot of junk in the trunk, Chels.
  • HEY! Are yall spying on my dream? I'm angry, I'm awake, and I'm coming to get ya!
  • Scratching on the turntables! I mean, Whiskers was like "mickehmickehmeowmickehmickehmeow!"

Chelsea Daniels

  • Yeah, and if we get there next century, we'll be too old to dance.
  • So when does your plan turn good, Rae?
  • [in strong British accent] Do you carry a lunchbox?
  • [in strong British accent] Yeah, Liz Onya can't just sing cold!
  • Eddie, that onion must've been bigger than your head.
  • Ooh excitement! Eddie's opening his locker! Maybe later he'll tie his shoes!

Victor Baxter

  • [as the Wizard of Oz, answering "Dorothy" [Raven] when she asks "Why are you so mean?"] Because I ain't got no body! ...Get it? I ain't got no body. I'm a big floating head, and- alright, get outta my sight.

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