The Cat Returns

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The Cat Returns (Neko no ongaeshi in Japanese) is a Studio Ghibli film directed by Hiroyuki Morita. It is a modern fairytale about a clumsy girl called Haru who saves the life of the Cat Prince. As a reward she is taken to the Kingdom of the Cats where she reluctantly begins to transform into a cat. As this happens the King attempts to force Haru to marry the Prince whom she saved. Using her newfound friends Toto, The Baron and Muta she has to leave before she turns fully into a cat.


Muta:(After the sun sets on the town, making the windows turn gold) You can come out now Baron, no-one's impressed by your fancy lights show.

The Baron

The Baron:(After seeing Haru kidnapped by the cats) Better skip the tea.

Dialogue in the Film

Vizier: How can you not remember it your majesty? Even our legends tell of a large white cat devouring all of the fish in our lake.
The Baron: That's disgusting, you didn't really do that did you Muta?

Baron: Leaving so soon Muta? That's a pity, we were just about to have some Angel Foood cake from the cupboard.
Muta: Where in the Cupboard?

Vizier: Your majesty! You hit one of our own men, how could you!
The King:: Lets keep that between you and me.

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