The Departed

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The Departed is a 2006 film that follows three men: a crooked cop, the Irish mafia boss he works for, and a straight cop that goes undercover to reveal them both. Based in Boston, this film covers the lies the two cops tell and the struggles they have keeping themselves afloat.

Directed by Martin Scorsese. Written by William Monahan.
Lies. Betrayal. Sacrifice. How far will you take it? Taglines

Billy Costigan

  • You want him to chop me up and feed me to the poor? Is that what you want?
  • There's a leak from the inside! It's real! Smoke him out!
  • [to Costello] You accuse me once, I put up with it. You accuse me twice... I quit. You pressure me to fear for my life and I will put a fucking bullet in your head as if you were anybody else. Okay?
  • You sit there with a mass murderer. A mass murderer. Your heart rate is jacked. And your hand, steady. That's one thing I figured out about myself in prison. My hand does not shake. Ever.
  • You called this number on a dead guy's phone.
  • [last words] I am killing you.
  • Two pills? Great. Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my FUCKING HEAD OFF."

Colin Sullivan

  • I can't wait to see you explain this one to a fucking Suffolk County jury you fucking cocksucker. This is gonna be fucking fun!
  • [to Madolyn] If we're not gonna make it, it's gotta be you that gets out, cause I'm not capable. I'm fucking Irish, I'll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life.
  • You got a nice suit at home or do you like coming to work everyday dressed like you're goin' to invade Poland?
  • Fuck you, fuckin' queers. Firemen gettin' pussy for the first time in the history of fire or pussy. Hey, go save a kitten from a tree, you fucking homos!
  • [Last words] Okay.

Frank Costello

  • I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Years ago we had the church; that was only a way of saying we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were real head-breakers; true guineas. They took over their piece of the city. Twenty years after an Irishman couldn't get a fucking job, we had the presidency, may he rest in peace. That's what the niggers don't realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it's this - no one gives it to you, you have to take it.
  • When you decide to be something, you can be it. That's what they don't tell you in the church. When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?
  • No ticky, no laundry.
  • One of us had to die. With me, it tends to be the other guy.
  • You get your period yet, Carmen?
  • You want some coke? There it is. Don't come up until you're numb.
  • May I remind you, in this archdiocese, God don't run the bingo.
  • Don't laugh! This ain't reality TV!
  • I'm concerned about a Chinaman who thinks it's wise to come to a business meeting carrying automatic weapons. Because in this country, it don't add inches to your dick, you get a life sentence for it.
  • She fell funny!


  • My theory on feds is that they're like mushrooms; Feed 'em shit and keep 'em in the dark. You girls have a good day.
  • What's a lace curtain motherfucker like you doing in the Staties?
  • I can't wait to wipe that fucking smirk right off of your face.
  • Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.
  • Whoop-dee-fuckin'-doo
  • Yeah, and who forged your transcript, dickhead?
  • What's the matter don't know any Shakespeare?
  • This is unbelivable. Who put the fuckin' cameras in this place?

[Camera Tech] Who the fuck are you?

  • I'm the guy who does his job.You must be the other guy.
  • Your fuckin' family's dug into the Southie projects like ticks. Three-decker men at best. You, however, grew up on the North Shore, huh? Well, la-di-fuckin'-da. You were kind of a double kid, I bet, right? Huh? One kid with your old man, one kid with your mother. You're upper-middle class during the weeks, then you're droppin' your "R"s and you're hangin' in the big, bad Southie projects with your daddy, the fuckin' donkey on the weekends. I got that right? Yup. You have different accents? You did, didn't you? You little fuckin' snake. You were like two different people!
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's say you have no idea and leave it at that, okay? No idea. Zip. None. If you had an idea of what we do, we would not be good at what we do, now would we? We would be cunts. Are you calling us cunts?
  • Hey asshole, he can't help you! I know what you are, okay? I know what you are and I know what you are not. I'm the best friend you have on the face of this earth, and I'm gonna help you understand something, you punk. You're no-fuckin' cawp!
  • Why don't we meet up, sweetheart? Let me buy you an ice-cream.


  • [to Sullivan and others] This unit is new, and you are the newest members of it. You have been selected from the basis of intelligence and aptitude. This is an elite unit. Our job is to smash, or marginally disrupt, organized crime in the city by enhanced cooperation of the FBI, represented here today by Frank Lazio. And we will do it. By organized crime in the city, you know who we mean - that's Jackie Costigan, that's an old picture. Jackie met his demise. Last known photograph. Costello uses three key guys: that's Fitzy - off-the-boat psycho who lives with his mother in Brockton, who's straight out of "Going My Way." Delahunt - muscle. French - the number one. But of course the rock star - you know who. We've done briefing books, so read up. I want any and all ideas so I can pass them off as my own. Work hard, you'll rise fast. You're in the best possible position in the department. Let's go to work.
  • You have an immaculate record. Some guys don't trust an immaculate record. I do. I have an immaculate record.
  • I'm gonna go have a smoke right now. You want a smoke? You don't smoke, do ya? What are ya, one of those fitness freaks, huh? Go fuck yourself.
  • We're not here to solve the case of the missing scumbag, we're here to nail Costello.
  • Microprocessors. Yes, those. I don't know what they are, you don't know what they are, who gives a fuck. Cash!
  • [Excitedly] Patriot Aaaact! Patriot Aaaact!


  • Barrigan: You think you're the only one in the inside? Costello sells us out to the FBI. It's you and me now, you understand? We got to take care of each other, you understand?
  • Madolyn: I thought I was the liar!
  • Kneecapped Bankrobber: [after being shot in the knee] I thought you were supposed to go into shock! I'm not in shock! It fuckin' hurts!
  • Singh: What's wrong with this fucking country? Everybody hates everybody!
  • Singh: Bhenchod!, Kia kar rahay ho?(From Hindi, meaning: sister-fucker what are you doing?)


Bookie: I'm in the hole, I pay him two grand a week! No profit, I pay him two grand a week!
Mr. French: Then make more fucking money. This is America: You don't make money, you're a fuckin' douche bag! Now, what're you gonna do?
Bookie: Make more money!
Mr. French: That's the spirit!

Mr. French: Do you know me?
Billy Costigan: No... No.
Mr. French: Well, I'm the guy who tells you there's guys you can hit and guys you can't. Now, that's not quite a guy you can't hit, but he's almost a guy you can't hit. So I'm gonna make a fuckin' ruling on this right now: you don't fucking hit him. You understand?
Billy Costigan: Yeah, excellent. Fine, fine. Fine.
Mr. French: I fucking know you. I know your family. You make one more drug deal with that idiot, fucking cop-magnet of a cousin and I'll forget your grandmother was so nice to me. I'll cut your fucking nuts off. You understand that?
Billy Costigan: Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Mr. French: What are you drinking?
Billy Costigan: Cranberry juice.
Mr. French: What is it, your period? Get him a cranberry juice.

Billy Costigan: Well, "Families are always rising and falling in America", am I right?
Capt. Queenan: Who said that?
Billy Costigan: Hawthorne.
Dignam: Pfft! What's the matter, smartass, don't know any fuckin' Shakespeare?

Mr. French: Hey, fuck head, that's Jackie's nephew.
Man Glassed in Bar: Oh--
Mr. French: What? "Oh", fucking what? [punches out the man at the bar]

Costello: You're Johnny Sullivan's kid? You live with your grandmother?
Young Colin: Yeah.
Costello: Vin, get him a couple of bread, couple of half-gallons of milk. You like bologna and cheese? Get some cold cuts, frozen mayo, and... You like comic books? You do good in school?
Young Colin: Yeah
Costello: That's good. So I did too. They call that a paradox. Just keep it, buy yourself some make-up. You ever wanna earn a little extra money, you come by El-street. You know where I am in El-street, huh? Good. Good boy.

Costello: Church wants you on your place. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand. If you go for that sort of thing, I don't know what to do for you. A man makes his own way. No one gives it to you. You have to take it. "Non serviam."
Young Colin: James Joyce.
Costello: Smart, Colin. Guineas from the north and down Providence try to tell me what to do. And, uh, something maybe happen to them. Maybe, uh, like that.

Uncle Ed: What's this I hear from Stephanie about you becoming a policeman?
Costigan: You mean Stephanie, who was the only one who came to my father's funeral? That Stephanie?
Uncle Ed: Yeah, that Stepanie.
Costigan: Nothing much to it, Uncle Edward.
Uncle Ed: Are you trying to prove something to the family?
Costigan: When you say "the family," who do mean exactly? You?
Uncle Ed: You always have to question everything, don't you?
Costigan: Maybe it would have done you some good to have some questions from time to time, you know? "Am I an asshole? Are my kids a mess? Is my wife a money-grubbing whore?" I mean, those are questions, right? "Have I ever been good to my dying sister or am I just now pretending to be?"
Uncle Ed: Do you need some money for the funeral?
Costigan: When my mother dies, we don't have any more connection.

Costello: Good day, father.
Older Priest: Good day, Francis.
Costello: You recall our chat? Little boys. Sucking on their peckers, etc. and so forth. I am as God made me. Is that your rationale? May I remind you - in this archdiocese, God don't run the bingo.
Young Priest: May I remind you - that pride comes before the fall.
Costello: How's Sister Mary Teresa doing? Had a tasty relationship before she took her vows.
[Costello hands the priests a nude drawing of the nun]
Costello: Enjoy your clams, cocksuckers.

Ellerby: Go fuck yourself.
Dignam: I'm tired from fucking your wife.
Ellerby: How is your mother?
Dignam: Good, she's tired from fucking my father.

Queenan: So, do you have an idea of what we do here, my section?
Costigan: Sir yes sir, I have an idea sir.
Dignam: Whoa whoa whoa. Let's say you have no idea and leave it at that okay? No idea. Zip. None. If you had an idea about what we do, we would not be good at what we do, would we? We would be cunts. You calling us cunts?

Ellerby: [on getting married] Marriage is an important part of getting ahead. It lets people know you're not a homo. A married guy seems more stable. People see the ring, they think, "At least somebody can stand the son of a bitch." Ladies see the ring, they know immediately that you must have some cash, and your cock must work.
Sullivan: Yeah, it's workin'. Overtime!
Ellerby: I'm glad to hear that

Queenan: You work hard. You rise fast.
Dignam: Like a twelve year-old's dick.
Sullivan: Thank you, Sergeant.
Dignam: My pleasure.

[Colin and Barrigan are sitting in a bench]
Barrigan: What are you looking at? Forget it. Your father was a janitor, his son's only a cop.
Sullivan: Fucking firefighters were a bunch of homos.
[They laugh]
Sullivan: They are!

[Brown is telling Billy why he signed up for the police]
Brown: So she tells me, "You never finish anything. You finish the police course, you get taken care of again, baby." So after graduation, I'll get a blowjob again.
Costigan: That's great. Your mother must be a wonderful woman.
Brown: Fuck yourself.
Costigan: Let's put it this way: you're a black guy in Boston. You don't need help from me to be completely fucked.

Costello: School's out.
Sullivan: Thank you, Frank.
Costello: You earned it. No more pencils, no more books.

Queenan: Congratulations on passing the detectives' exam, and welcome to the Special Investigation Unit.
Dignam: Whoop-de-fuckin'-do.

Costigan: Listen, listen. I got like, like thirty thousand bucks, right? Insurance money. You know, after my mother passed and everything?
Cousin Sean: Yeah, yeah.
Costigan: In your line of work, if I gave you like what, ten thousand, what could I get back?
Cousin Sean: You know, you know what you usually say at these moments?
Costigan: What? What?
Cousin Sean: C'mon, man.
Costigan: Aw, come on, you fucking moron. Come on. What, you want me to say it? Huh? I'm not a cop, alright? I'm your fucking cousin.
Cousin Sean: Yeah, you're bad! You corrupt fuck, man! You must be my cousin.

Costigan: Hey, you fellas come from Providence?
Providence Gangster #2: Isn't any of your business where we come from, is it, now?
Costigan: Fuckin' delivering cannolis or something?

Costello: [about Costigan] Do you trust him?
Mr. French: Well these days, who's reliable?
Costello: His uncle Jackie was. Yeah, you can't trust a guy acts like he's got nothing to lose.
Mr. French: I'm reliable.
Costello: Arnold, you're one in a million.
Mr. French: Ten. Ten million.
Costello: What about your wife, Arnold?
Mr. French: Well, I thought she was.
Costello: [laughing] She wasn't!
Mr. French: Well, she got reliable.
[flashback showing French strangling his wife]

Costello: I'm going to have my associate search you.
Costigan: No, no one's fucking searching me. Searching me for what?
Costello: Contra-fucking-band. Take your shoes off.
[French slams Costigan into a chair]
Mr. French: Shoes.
Costello: [to Costigan] I knew your father.
Costigan: Yeah? You know he's dead?
Costello: Oh, sorry. How'd he go?
Costigan: He didn't complain.
Costello: Yeah, that was his problem.
Costigan: Who said he had a problem?
Costello: I just said he had a fucking problem. There's a man who could have been anything.
Costigan: Are you trying to say he was nothing?
[French slams Costigan onto a pool table and continues his search]
Costello: I'm saying he worked at the airport. Arm.
[French directs Costigan to a pool table, making him hold out his casted arm]
Mr. French: Show me your arm. Flip it. mm-hmmm, mm-hmmm.
[French slams Costigan's arm on the table until the cast breaks, while Costigan screams in pain]
Costello: It makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. And if I can slander my own environment, it makes me sad. This, uh, regression. Plus, I don't know if it's beyond some fucking cop prick like Queenan to pull you out of the Staties and send you gift-wrapped to me. I just can't know. I wonder what they do in that particular department, anyway.
[Costello slams on Costigan's broken arm with Costigan's boot]
Costello: [yelling] Are you still a cop?
Costigan: [in severe pain] No!
[Costello whacks his arm again]
Costello: [yelling] Swear on your mother's grave you're still not a cop?!
Costigan: I'm not a fucking cop!
[Costello whacks his arm again, this time re-breaking it]
Costello: [yelling] Are you going to stop doing coke deals with your jerk-off fucking cousin?!
Costigan: Yes, yes, yes!!
Costello: Alright, alright. You're okay, you'll be alright. Get your hand taken care of.
[Costello throws down some money]
Costello: I'm sorry, but it was necessary. As for our problem with Providence - let's not cry over some spilled guineas.

Costello: Have a seat, Bill. Do you know John Lennon?
Costigan: Yeah, sure, he was the president before Lincoln.
Costello: Lennon said, "I'm an artist. You give me a fucking tuber (tuba), I'll get you something out of it."
Costigan: I tell you Mr. Costello, I'd like to squeeze some fucking money out of it.
Costello: Smart mouth. Too bad. If you'll indulge me--
[Gwen walks through]
Costello: Now what?
Gwen: Choir practice.
Costello: Choir practice. The point I'm making with John Lennon is: a man could look at anything, and make something out of it. For instance, I look at you and I think, "What could I use you for?"

Costello: How's your mother?
Man in Bar: She's on her way out.
Costello: We all are, act accordingly.

Costello: You know, if your father were alive, and saw you here sitting with me, let's say he would have a word with me about this. In fact, he'd kill seven guys just to cut my throat, and he could do it. That's maybe something you don't know about William Costigan, Sr.
Costigan: So he never? I mean, never?
Costello: No. He kept his own counsel. He never wanted money. You can't do anything with a man like that. Your Uncle Jackie - he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you. And I think about this.
Costigan: [confused] So what the fuck are we talking about here?
Costello: Did you ever think about going back to school?
Costigan: School? [laughs] All due respect Mr. Costello, school is out.
Costello: Maybe someday you'll wake the fuck up.

Costello: [slaps fly] You know what I like about restaurants?
Costigan: The fucking food? I don't know, what?
Costello: You can learn a lot, watching things eat. [licks fly off palm]

Madolyn: Here, this is my card.
Sullivan: Nah, I don't need that. I'm a detective. I'll find you.
[elevator door begins to close; Colin reaches out]
Sullivan: No, I'm just kidding, I need the card.

Lazio: Do you have anyone in with Costello presently?
Dignam: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.

Sullivan: [Dignam won't let Sullivan past] Problem?
Dignam: Yeah, I got a problem. I run rat fucks like you, okay? I don't like 'em.
Sullivan: The day you wouldn't take a promotion, let me know. And if you'd taken care of this, I wouldn't even be here.
Dignam: Fuck yourself, you piece of shit.
Sullivan: And I need the identities of your undercovers.
Dignam: Blow me. Not literally, though, unfortunately there's no promotion involved.

Queenan: All cell phone signals are under surveillance, due to the courtesy of our Federal friends over there.
Ellerby: Patriot Act, Patriot Act! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Madolyn: What do you expect coming in here?
Costigan: I have to come here.
Madolyn: I know you have to come here, but now that you're here, what do you want?
Costigan: You want the truth? Valium.
Madolyn: You know if you lied, you would have an easier time getting what you wanted.
Costigan: What does that say about what you do for a living?
Madolyn: I just think we should have a few more meetings before we even talk about prescriptions.
Costigan: Look... look, I'm having panic attacks, alright? The other night I thought I was having a fucking heart attack. I puked in a trash barrel on the way over here. I haven't slept for fucking weeks.
Madolyn: Is that true?
Costigan: Yeah, that's true. Alright? I said it was fucking true. I want some fucking pills and you're gonna what? You're gonna close my file? Is that what you're going to do?
Madolyn: No, I didn't close your file. I--
Costigan: I thought I was supposed to tell the truth here, if only fucking here!
Madolyn: You are! You are!
Costigan: Christ. I mean, a guy comes in here against every, every instinct of privacy and self-reliance he has and what do you do? What do you do, huh? You send him off on the street to score smack, is that what you do? You're fucking ridiculous!
[Madolyn hands Costigan some Valium]
Costigan: [picking up the pills] Two pills? Great. Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off! Are we done here with this psychiatry bullshit?
Madolyn: You know what? You can leave!
Costigan: What the fuck did I just put myself through? I'm fucking out of here. And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it, fucking hotshot!

Costello: [about Madolyn] Do you like little Miss Freud sucking on your cock?
Sullivan: Yes, yes, I do.

[Upon learning the Police have found Delahunt's body and that he was a cop]
Fitzy: I don't believe it.
Mr. French: What can't you believe?
Fitzy: I spent all fucking night dragging the poor bastard in there. Tell me how they find him so fast? Somebody walking a fucking dog ? What fucking size a dog is that? Has to be a big fucking dog, man. I spent all night doing it man.
[pause, Frank stares at him]
Fitzy: I'm embarrassed. I still don't believe he was a cop, I don't believe it.
Costello: The COPS... are saying he's a cop... so I won't look for the cop. Are you soft, Fitz? When I tell you to dump a body in the marsh, you dump him in the marsh. Not where some guy from John Hancock goes every Thursday to get a fucking blow job!
[Fitzy laughs, Frank hits him]
Costello: Don't laugh! This ain't Reality TV!

Costello: Jeez. She fell funny.
[chuckles at the dead bodies]
Mr. French: Francis, you really should see somebody.

[Costello meets with Sullivan in a porn theater, surprising him with a dildo]
Sullivan: Frank? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Costello: [laughing] See anything you like, Colin?
Sullivan: I almost fucking shot you!
Costello: You're not indulging in self-abuse, are you? I hope you're not turning into one of them sob sisters who wants to get caught. You're not cracking up, are you?
Sullivan: I don't crack up.
Costello: Picking a place like this, where any cop can see you. Jesus.
Sullivan: If it was such a fucking bad idea, why'd you show up?
Costello: [turning to face Sullivan] I own the place.
Sullivan: I'm not fucking surprised.
Sullivan: Look, I gotta tell you...
Costello: You're getting re-assigned. I know.
Sullivan: How the fuck do you know that?
Costello: Where'd they put you?
Sullivan: Hey Frank, I gotta find myself.
Costello: You're telling me, sonny boy.
Sullivan: I gotta find the guy you got in the department.
Costello: With everybody looking up their own ass, and you looking for yourself, I'd put my money on nobody finds nothing.
Sullivan: I know, but Frank - look, for me, you gotta lay low. Right now.
Costello: Colin, laying low is not what I do.
Sullivan: Okay, fucking big daddy Frank. Fucking perfect. But what good am I to you if you don't listen to me?

[In a porn theater]
Sullivan: I can get the rat. You just gotta let me do it my way, Frank.
Costello: Okay.
[hands Sullivan "Citizens Trust" envelope]
Costello: But Colin - I hope I don't have to remind you that if you don't find that cheese-eating rat bastard in your department, most likely it won't be me who suffers for it.
Sullivan: Now why would you have to remind me of that? Would I be any good at what I do if I didn't fucking already know that? Frank, you gotta trust me. Alright, just trust me Frank. Hey, it fucking involves lying and I'm pretty fucking good at that. Right?
Costello: Maybe because it's always been so easy for me to get cunt, that I never understood jacking off in a theater.

Costigan: Don't you fucking threaten me!
Dignam: You may play a tough guy for your gangster friends, but you don't get nothing past me, you lace-curtain Irish fucking pussy!
Costigan: [Punches Dignam] You motherfucker!

Sullivan: Yeah.
Costigan: You called this number on the dead guy's phone. Who are you?
Sullivan: So it is you. Thank God, you're all right. We were very worried.
Costigan: Who are you?
Sullivan: This is Sgt. Sullivan. I'm taking over Queenan's unit.
Costigan: Let me talk to Dignam to confirm it.
Sullivan: Staff Sgt. Dignam has taken a leave of absence. He is very upset. We're all very upset. The best thing would be for you to come in. We need you to come in. Do you come in? Meet me...
[Billy shuts the phone]

Costello: How the fuck did this happen?
Sullivan: You're an FBI informant? Are you fucking kidding me?
Costello: Grow up! [laughing] Of course I talked to the FBI.
Sullivan: Do they know who I am?
Costello: I... I never gave up anybody... who wasn't going down anyway. Nobody knows nothin'.
Sullivan: Frank... Frank. Do they know about me?
Costello: I know about you, Colin. You know I'd never give you up. You're like a...
Sullivan: What, like a son? To you? Is that what this is about? All that murderin'... and fuckin'... and no sons?
[They shoot at each other]

Brown: [about Costigan] He's been waiting here a long time for you. How did you get him without the files?
Sullivan: Caller ID in Queenan's phone. You know that guy?
Brown: Yeah. We were classmates in the academy together.

Sullivan: Good to see you, trooper.
Costigan: Yeah.
Sullivan: Colin Sullivan. We spoke on the phone.
Costigan: Yeah.
Sullivan: So, how long you were undercover?
Costigan: Long time. Long fucking time.
Sullivan: Yeah, well. I can't even tell you the death. I just want you to know that I'll be recommending for the Medal of Merit.
Costigan: Oh, yeah. That's kinda like a gold star around here, right?
Sullivan: It's the highest honor we got.
Costigan: Look, I just want my identity back, alright? That's all.
Sullivan: So you wanna be a cop again?
Costigan: No, being a cop's not my identity. I want my identity back. Check your computer. Go on. You'll have to excuse my behavior. My only contact has been with a police shrink.
Sullivan: How's that working for you? Is it helpful?
Costigan: What are you gonna do about Costello's rat in this building?
Sullivan: I'm gonna find the prick. I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna arrest him.
Costigan: Good.
Sullivan: And if there's anything you could do to help me. You know, I mean, did Frank ever mentioned a name? You know, anything someone he was in contact with. Anything you can give me.
Costigan: I'm all done being a cop, alright? I just want my money and I wanna go home.
Sullivan: Alright, that would be the best I think for everybody. Fair enough. I just can't get into your file unless I have your password.
Costigan: It's my name, William Costigan Jr. They gave it to me in case I have to explain myself to someone like you.
Sullivan: It's your name. Alright, uh, brilliant. That would makes a lot of sense. Listen, Bill, I gotta run this in the other room. This computer is getting all frickin' blooey on me. Give me 2 minutes, I have you out of here in no time.

Costigan: Costello recorded everything. He puts all the tapes in a little box and kept it with his lawyer. That was his insurance. His lawyer came to me. Imagine that, you rat fuck. Costello trusted me more than anyone. Sounds quality good enough because I was a little worried.
Sullivan: What do you want?
Costigan: I told you I want my identity back, you two-faced faggot.
Sullivan: Where are you?
Costigan: 3 o'clock where Queenan died. You keep your cell on him.

[Colin confronts Billy on the rooftop]
Costigan: Freeze!
[points gun at Colin]
Sullivan: Hey! Hey! Hey!
Costigan: Put your fucking hands up!
Sullivan: Put the fucking gun down! Put the gun--put the gun down, alright? I came here to talk some sense into you!
Costigan: Hands!
Sullivan: Alright! Just act professional. I can get you your money!
Costigan: What'd you say?
Sullivan: I can get you your money!
[Billy pistol whips Colin, knocking him to the ground]
Costigan: You didn't come here to talk, alright. You came here to get arrested!
Sullivan: You got fucking tapes of what? Costello was 'my' informant. I was a rat? Fuck you! Prove it! He was working for me, he was 'my' informant.
Costigan: Shut your fucking mouth. Come on, get up!
Sullivan: Whoa, what is this? A citizens arrest? Blow me! Alright. Only one of us is a cop here, Bill! You understand that, Bill! No one knows who you fucking are!
Costigan: Would you shut the fuck up?!
Sullivan: I'm a Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police! Who the fuck are you? I erased you!
[Billy slams Colin onto the building]
Costigan: You erased me, huh?
[Points his gun to Colin's head]
Sullivan: Yeah, go ahead! Shoot a cop, Einstein! Watch what happens!
Costigan: What would happen is this bullet would go right through your fucking head!!
Sullivan: Watch what happens!
Costigan: What, so you can get the parade, huh? The bagpipes and bullshit. Fuck you, fuck you! I'm fucking arresting you!!
Sullivan: That is the stupidest thing you could do!
[Billy punches him three times]
Costigan: Shut the fuck up!!!
[Sullivan falls to the ground]
Costigan: I could give a fuck if the charges don't stick, I'm still fucking arresting you.
Sullivan: [Dazed] Shit.

Brown: Drop your weapon and step away from Sergeant Sullivan!
Costigan: I called you. You, specifically. Look, you know who I am. I'm not gonna shoot. I told you to meet me downstairs.
Sullivan: Help! Help! Help!
Brown: Put your weapon on the deck and step away from Sergeant Sullivan!
Costigan: Where's Dignam? I told you to bring Dignam!
Sullivan: Just shoot this motherfucker. Would you fucking shoot?!
Brown: Drop your weapon to the floor and we'll discuss it!
Costigan: He's Costello's rat, alright! I got boxes of tape, evidence of the document proving it.
Brown: Maybe you do, but I need you to drop the weapon.
Costigan: I told you I have evidence called linking this prick to Costello, right?
Sullivan: Just shoot this fucking prick!
Costigan: You know who I am! You know who I am! I'm taking him down... I'm taking him downstairs now! You know who I am.

Costigan: Yeah, I probably could be you, Frank. But I don't wanna be you!
Costello: "Heavy lies the crown", sorta thing.


  • Lies. Betrayal. Sacrifice. How far will you take it?
  • Underhanded
  • Undercover
  • Unrestrained
  • Cops or Criminals. When you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?
  • Loyalty is a lie.


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