The Fast and the Furious

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The Fast and The Furious



  • I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time and for those ten seconds or less I'm free
  • I said a ten second car not a ten minute car
  • Brian Earl Spilner. Sounds like a serial killer. Is that what you are?


  • Rawraow...I smell (sniffs) skanks. Why don't you ladies pack it up before I leave tread marks on you faces..


  • We could overnight parts from Japan...
  • Dom I am so scared right now...I don't even know what I'm doing


  • My brother is like gravity..
  • I'm not kidding Dom get out there! (Refering to the fight between Brian and Vince)


  • Next time go to bigboy and get yourself a double cheeseburger and fries for $2.95 faggot
  • Make your own GD popcorn!

Johnny Tran

  • You stay away, I stay away, everybody stays happy
  • S.W.A.T came into my house, disrespected my family cause somebody narked me out


  • When Dominic drives he's golden, kids pour in here, they want every performance part and they pay cash


Mia: Dom is like gravity, everything just got pulled to him...even you Brian: No. The only thing that pulled me in is you, being friends with your brother is just a bonus Mia: Well thats nice, it's nice to come first once in a while.

Unnamed driver (played by Jah Rule): Yo, Monica...hey!
Monica: What's yo' problem nigger, you didn't win! [fellow drivers heckle him]

Brian: Man, you should be going to MIT or something? Jesse: Yeah right... I got that what is it called... that attention disorder.. Brian: ADD? Jesse: Yes.. that.. shit, anyway there is something about motors that calms me down, you know?

Mia: Vince what was that resturant you wanted to take me too with the little... Vince: The little red candles? Mia: Yeah that place...what was it called? Vince: Cha Cha Cha Mia: Yeah turns to Brian Well you can take me there.