The Last Waltz

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The Last Waltz is a 1978 musical documentary film about about The Band and its 1976 farewell concert.

Directed by Martin Scorsese.
It started as a concert. It became a celebration. Now it's a legend. taglines

Robbie Robertson

  • [To the audience as he's coming out for an encore after a lengthy night of playing] You're still there, huh?
  • The Band had been together for 16 years together on the road. We played eight years in bars, dives and dancehalls, eight years in concerts, stadiums and arenas. We did our last concert. We called it The Last Waltz.
  • Winterland was the first place The Band played as The Band. Some friends showed up and helped us take it home.
  • [Talking about getting a job playing with Ronnie Hawkins] He called me up, and I said, "Sure I'd like a job. What does it mean? What do I do?" And he said, "Well, son, you won't make much money, but you'll get more pussy than Frank Sinatra."
  • The music took us to some strange places ... physically, spiritually, psychotically. It just wasn't always on stage.

Richard Manuel

  • We started out with The Crackers. Tried to call ourselves The Honkies. Everybody sort of backed off. It was too straight. So we decided call ourselves The Band.
  • I just want to break even.

Garth Hudson

  • There is the view that jazz is evil because it comes from evil people, but the greatest priests on 52nd Street and on the streets of New York were the musicians. They were doing the greatest healing work. They knew how to punch through music which would cure and make people feel good.

Rick Danko

  • Happy Thanksgiving


Opening title card: This film should be played loud!
Eric Clapton: [After his guitar strap comes loose during a solo] Hold on!


Robbie Robertson: Okay look, we've been together 16 years.
Martin Scorsese: Who?
Robbie Robertson: Who? The Band. Do you want me to plug that in there?
Martin Scorsese: Let's do that again.

Neil Young: Hey, Rob, thanks for letting me do this.
Robbie Robertson: Shit! Are you kidding?

[Martin Scorsese is asking Levon Helm about his home state, Arkansas, and his musical influences]
Levon Helm: Bluegrass and country music ... if it comes down into that area and if it mixes there with the rhythm and if it dances, then you've got a combination of all that music ...
Martin Scorsese: What's it called?
Levon Helm: Rock and roll.


  • It started as a concert. It became a celebration. Now it's a legend.


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