The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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"The Lion King II: Simba's Pride" is about Simba's daugther, Kiara who falls in love with Kovu, a male lion who was raised in a herd of Scar's followers, who are Simba's enemies. Desperate to be together, they must overcome the one obstacle that is keeping them apart: Simba and Kovu's mother, Zira.


  • Kovu, I was wrong. You belong here.



  • I'm sorry, Mother! She didn't seem so bad.


  • These lands belong to Scar!
  • Oh no, Simba. We have barely begun. (looks down at Kiara and chuckles wickedly)


  • Pumba, let me define BABYSITTING
  • Timon, Pumba. Great. Now that we all know each other GET OUT OF OUR PRIDELANDS!!
  • Boy, does she need a hobby!
  • Pfft! That's not a king. That's a fuzzy maraca!


  • Don't worry, Kiara! Uncle Pumba's coming!


  • Timon and Pumba:(Rafiki reveals Kiara is a girl) GIRL?!?! OY!!

They faint

  • Nuka:Oh, hey, Vitani. Where's little termite Kovu? The chosen one?
  • Rafiki: Kovu...Kiara...together? This is the plan?

To the sky, talking to Mufasa.
Rafiki:Are you CRAZY?!? This will never work. Oh, Mufasa. You been up there too long. Your head is in the clouds.

Vitani:Where's your pretty daughter, Nala?

Nuka:Roasted toasted princess, roasted princess! Finishes lighting the grass on fire (in a circle around him) and jumps in excitement, but then pauses. Nuka:Hey, is it hot in here or is that just me?


Simba:You know the penalty for returing to the Pridelands.
Zira:But the child does not! However....if you need your pound of flesh, here.
nudges a terrified Kovu over to Simba, who glares at him. Kovu shivers in fright.
Simba:Take him and get out. We're finished here.

Kiara:You don't know him!
Simba:I know he's following in Scar's paw prints. And I must follow in my father's.
Kiara:You will never be Mufasa!

Zira: What have I taught you?
Kovu:Simba is the enemy.
Zira:And what must you do?
Kovu:I must KILL him!