The Mask of Zorro

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The Mask of Zorro is a 1998 action film.

Don Diego

  • It is said that when the pupil is ready the master appears.


  • That is the way they are dancing in Madrid these days... Don Rafael, you'll have to excuse me, I have to catch my breath. Your daughter is a very spirited dancer.
  • All this sword play, and riding around on horses, it gives me a frightful headache.

Captain Love

  • You're doing very well. Your brother would have shot himself by now.
  • Funny, that's the second time I've shot this man while he was flying through the air.


  • He was vigorous (smiles then looks serious) He was very vigorous Father.


Don Diego: You have passion Alejandro, and you skill is growing. But to enter Montero's world, I must give you something which is completely beyond your reach.
Alejandro: Ah, yes? And what is that?
Don Diego: Charm.

Alejandro: I miss my brother, sir.
Don Diego: Your brother is dead. We lose the ones we love; we cannot change it. Put it aside.
Alejandro: How? How can I do what is needed, when all I feel is... hate.
Don Diego: You hide it. With this.

Soldier: Hey... I thought you were tied up.
Joaquín: That is because you are stupid.

Alejandro: Do you surrender?
Elena: Never, but I may scream.
Alejandro: I understand. Sometimes I have that effect.

Don Diego: You should not trade something like that for a mere glass of whiskey.
Alejandro: Why not? You think I could get two?

Alejandro: I would have killed him.
Don Diego: No, not today. He is trained to kill. You seem trained to drink. Oh yes, my friend, you would have fought very bravely, and died very quickly. Who then would avenge your brother?
Alejandro: I would have found a way. I've never lost a fight.
Don Diego: Except to a crippled old man just now.

Elena: Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been three days since my last confession.
Alejandro: Three days? How many sins could you have committed in three days? Come back when you have more time, pleace.
Elena: What?
Alejandro: I mean, go on my child.
Elena: I have broken the fourth commandment, padre.
Alejandro: You killed somebody?
Elena: No, that is not the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: Of course not. Tell me, in what way did you break the most sacred of commandments?
Elena: I dishonored my father.
Alejandro: That is not so bad. Maybe your father deserved it.

Don Diego: Convince Montero that you're a gentleman of stature, and he will let you into his circle.
Alejandro: Me? A gentleman? This is going to take a lot of work.
Don Diego: Yes.

Alejandro: Weren't you chasing some legendary bandit?
Captain Love: He was hardly legendary.
Alejandro: So you caught him?
Captain Love: It's only a matter of time.
Alejandro: Well the bandit might have escaped. But we will all think twice before going to confession.

Captain Love: The lady and I were trying to dance.
Alejandro: You were trying. She was succeeding.

Don Diego: Do you know how to use that thing?
Alejandro: Yes. The pointy end goes into the other man.

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