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The Quiet Man was a 1952 American film starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, and Barry Fitzgerald. The story concerns Sean Thornton, an expatriate Irishman and boxing champion who returns from the United States to Ireland to reclaim his family's farm and winds up falling in love with and marrying a local woman.

Directed by John Ford. Written by Maurice Walsh, Frank S. Nugent, and Richard Llewellyn.

Sean Thornton

Michaleen Flynn: What do they feed you Irishmen in that Pittsburgh?
Sean Thornton: Steel, Michaleen. Steel and pig iron furnaces so hot a man forgets his fear of hell.
  • There'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate, except those in your own mercenary little heart!

Mary Kate Danahar

  • [Watching Father Lonergan attempt to catch a fish] Oh, you got him, you got him Father! Well keep his head up, you fool! [Suddenly covers mouth]

Michaleen Oge Flynn

  • [To Mary Kate] You're a well-propertied woman. I wouldn't mind marrying you meself.
  • [To Mary Kate, "introducing" Shawn] Mr. Shawn Thornton, bachelor, meet Miss Mary Kate Danahar. Miss Danaher, meet Mr. Thornton, from Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, USA.

Father Peter Lonergan

  • [Narrating] Now then, here comes myself. That's me there, walking. That tall, saintly-looking man. Peter Lonergan, parish priest.
  • Now when the Reverend Mr. Playfair, good man that he is, comes down, I want us all to cheer like Protestants.


Michaleen Flynn: Actually, me mouth is like a dry crust and the sun is that hot on me pate.
Mary Kate Danaher: Would you be steppin' into the parlor? The house may belong to my brother, but what's in the parlor belongs to me.
Michaleen Flynn: I will then, and I hope that there's a bottle there, whoever it belongs to.

Will Danaher: I'll pay ya, never.
Sean Thornton: That breaks all bargains. You can take your sister back. It's your custom, not mine. No fortune, no marriage. We call it quits.

Father Paul: Father Lonergan!
Father Longergan: Shhh...
Father Paul: It's, it's a big fight in the town!
Father Longergan: And there's a big fight in this fish right here.
Father Paul: I'd have put a stop to it, but you see...
Father Longergan: You do that, lad. It's your duty.
Father Paul: But see now, it's Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Who?
Father Paul: Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Well why the devil didn't you tell me? [Quickly drops fishing rod and runs]
[The two priests arrive at the scene of the fight]
Father Paul: Father, shouldn't we put a stop to it now?
Father Longergan: [Smiling, making fighting movements] Ah, we should lad, yes we should, it's our duty. Yes, it's our duty... [Smiles as a punch is heard]

Mary Kate Danaher: Wipe your feet.
Will Danaher: [drunk] Thank you, ma'am.

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