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The Suite Life on Deck, a spinoff of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, is a sitcom focusing on 15-year-old twins Zack (portrayed by Dylan Sprouse) and Cody Martin (portrayed by Cole Sprouse), who move from The Tipton Hotel to the luxury cruise liner called the S.S. Tipton. 17 year-old London Tipton (portrayed by Brenda Song) must attend Seven Seas High School with the boys, and the new girl, Bailey Pickett (portrayed by Debby Ryan), with Mr. Moesby (portrayed by Phill Lewis) as the supervisor/ship manager.

Season 1

The Suite Life Sets Sail (101)

Cody: We're going to be attending Seven Seas High.
Mr Moseby: ......Huh?
London: (screaming in his ear) They said they're going to be attending Seven (hold Seven fingers up) Seas (holds a C sign up) High (waves hand)!!!!!! He is getting old.
Mr Moseby: ......Huh?
Carey: With my employee discount I couldn't say no.
Mr Moseby: You mean like this? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (jumps overboard)
Carey: He took that better than I thought.
Cody: Dude. You're a GIRL!
Bailey: I AM?!? That explains so much.
Miss Tutweiller: Bailey, I'd let you stay, but unfortunately we don't have a cabin to put you in.
Zack:She can stay in my room. I'm willing to take one for the team.
Miss Tutweiller: I meant, a girl's cabin. Every girl has to have a room-mate.
London: Everyone except for me!!

Mr. Moseby: (reading a letter to Miss Tutweiller) "Dear Moesby,
I going off the boat to an island because no one listens to me and no one cares about me.

P.S. Please send all my luggage to my Daddy's villa on Parrot Island even though that's not where I'm going.


Parrot Island (107)

It's All Greek to Me

Mr. Moesby: How's the speech going?
London: Pretty good. Here it goes: "Ladies and"
Mr. Moesby: That's it?
Miss Tutweiller: (looks at London's speech) She misspelled 'ladies'.
Mr. Moesby: Well, you have to admit that it's her best work.
Miss Tutweiller: London, how do you get a q in 'ladies'?
London: It's a silent q! Duh!

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