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Tiktaalik roseae was a species of fish with many amphibian features that lived 375 million years ago.


  • Our emergence on to the land is one of the more significant rites of passage in our evolutionary history, and Tiktaalik is an important link in the story.
  • This is a fossil that blurs the distinction between fish and land-living animal because when you look at it, it has bits and pieces of its anatomy that are like a fish and whole bits and pieces of its anatomy that are like a land-living animal
  • Tiktaalik blurs the boundary between fish and land animals. This animal is both fish and tetrapod; we jokingly call it a 'fishapod.'
  • When we took the fin of Tiktaalik apart, we found something truly remarkable: all the joint surfaces were extremely well preserved. Tiktaalik has a shoulder, elbow and wrist composed of the same bones as an upper arm, forearm and wrist in a human.

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