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Titan A.E. is a 2000 animated film about a young man who learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity.

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Written by Ben Edlund, Joss Whedon and John August.
Get Ready For the Human RaceTaglines

Cale Tucker

  • I do an honest day's work; I want already dead food!
  • Maybe I've been wrong all these years, and it's taken your inspiring speech to make me see it. You've really changed me. It's beautiful. I think we've gotta hug.
  • Where does the probe go?


  • In or out?
  • Should I get out and push?
  • You can't call a planet 'Bob'!

Joseph Korso

  • You wanna hunt humans, you should remember we travel in packs.
  • It's commonly known as helping.
  • Great job with the kid, Tek. He's a charmer.
  • Give these angels something to chase.
  • Yeah, your father hid a ship. Then the Drej killed him. All because he couldn't face the truth! [Cale then asks, 'What's that?' That the Human race is outta gas, kid. It's circling the drain; it's finished.


  • But it wasn't just the money the Drej were offering. It was the health plan that came with it. They let me live, provided I kill all of you before they get here. [pause] They should be here shortly.
  • Is it dead? Can we eat it?
  • An intelligent guard. Didn't see that one coming.
  • Just out of curiosity, did we have a plan 'B'?
  • My scanners are showing a veritable cornucopia of nothing!
  • Fight the good fight, precious!
  • There's nothing more tiresome than last-minute-heroics!


  • I finished my nap!
  • Hmmm... spaghetti derivative... meatballs, sort of anyway... and... ooh, Kaldorf droppings! Who ate it before you did?
  • Does this look familiar? Do you know what it is? Neither do I. I made it last night in my sleep. Apparently I used Gindrogac. Highly unstable. I put a button on it. Yes. I wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if I do.


Cale: Hey, for your information, I happen to be humanity's last great hope!
Preed: I weep for the species.

Akima: What exactly are we looking for?
Cale: This ship's going to help save mankind!
Akima: What exactly are we looking for?
Cale: Not a clue.

Akima: What are you going to call it?
Cale: I think I'm going to call it... 'Bob'.
Akima: You can't call a planet 'Bob'!
Cale: Oh, so now you're the boss. You're the king of Bob.
Akima: Can't we just call it 'Earth'?
Cale: Well, no one said you had to live on Bob.


  • Get ready for the human race
  • Prepare for life after Earth.
  • When Earth ends, The Adventure Begins.
  • The Next Generation In Filmed Animation


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