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Tony Christian Halme (January 6, 1963–) was a controversial member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the True Finns party, and prior to that a professional wrestler/mixed martial artist.


  • We have a lesbian president, and me as a member of parliament. Everything seems indeed possible.
    • Statement by Halme on Finnish radio, universally interpreted as an insult. Halme later apologized for the misunderstanding, stating that he had not intended to insult President Tarja Halonen and simply thought that because of her former chairmanship of SETA, a gay rights organization, she was a lesbian.
  • I apologize for calling Madam President names in my statement on the radio. My purpose was to encourage every Finnish person to strive forward in life and try to realize their dreams. The statement I gave on the radio could have been phrased otherwise, for example: Everything in life seems possible when someone brought up on the streets can become a Member of Parliament and the ex-president of SETA the President of Finland. The Finnish people have elected you President and I respect their decision. Your politics I will continue to criticize.
    • His open letter to President Tarja Halonen.

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