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Tracey Ullman (born 1959-12-30) is a British comedian, actress, singer, dancer, screenwriter and author, who is most famous for being the host of her eponymous variety television show.


Tracey Ullman Live and Exposed

  • I'd stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself until I fell asleep, you know. I'd interview myself as women with problems, you know, like, women in documentaries who had three kids and chainsmoked and husbands in prison that hit them! I'd be in the mirror going, [lowers voice] yeah well, you know, it's not easy since Derrin went into prison. My eyes aren't black anymore, but the twins, Tilly and Wayne, you know, they don't stop crying. SHUT UP TILLY SHUT UP TILLY!
  • My mum went and married a really horrible horrible man, who drove a taxi at night and had a sticky-fingered son and he smoked cigars in the toilet. Smelled terrible! Again, there's no therapy, there's no counseling over the whole situation! Just married the maniac. And there was a new person in her bed now, and I couldn't do my nightly performance anymore. I was nine years old and my show had been canceled!
  • I thought, is this what it's all about? Do you have to be blonde and girly and have freckles and a snub-nose and sort of act the coquette in show business? WELL YES!
  • Everybody in Berlin is gay!
  • As we twirled and snapped our fingers, I felt light and airy and fancy-free. Of course I did, I had no bloody panties on! And the cartwheel lift's coming up! And I'm a brunette!


  • Everyone wants to be a star in [America], don't they? You know that they're getting actors and actresses to do those shows, or they just say, "We'll pay you to sit and scream at your girlfriend." And I love when you find the one person who's been on, like, five different shows, so thay can't be used anymore. I was woman with constant rash on Geraldo, and now I'm woman whose boyfriend beats me on Jerry Springer.
    • on talk shows
  • I was never a child. I was always a menopausal woman in a child's body.

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