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Jonas: No matter how blessed our lives, how charmed our existence, things still, inevitably, irrevocably, go wrong. Your mother is swindled out of her savings. Your estranged husband runs off with your kids. Your best friend goes on vacation in a foreign land and disappears. Eventually, bad things find us all. You ever hear of the Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card? This is a Get-Out-of-Hell card. At some point in your life, God forbid, you have no where else to turn, call that number. That is why you are going to postpone your job.
Mack: Well, how bout I put on a wet t-shirt and stage a car wash?
Jonas: Just lost his girl and his hobby in the space of an hour, he's had a rough day!
Colonel Ryan to the 'suit' from Washington: "He might have dinged your ear but I'll break your jaw!"
Colonel Ryan: So you're saying an injured man on his back attacked you?
Jonas (after shooting a retreating rebel): Yea I'll bet that hurt."
Jonas to Ryan: Break? That boy ain't even gonna bend."
Brown (to boy after the woman in Lebanon threatens to expose them): "I understand. If she leaves that chair I'll kill her."
Ryan (to the washington suit): "I'm telling you I'm not wearing a saddle so get off my ass."
Hector (after killing rebel in Africa): "And that's the name of that song."
Grey (to Mack): Aren't those quarters for Lieutenants and other small children?" Mack: "I figure they could use the adult supervision."
Colonel: Sergeant what are the only things that fall from the sky Jonas? Jonas: Manna from Heaven and the Airborne Rangers.
Colonel: Can't stand the rain baby.
Jonas: I only answer to two things, fool, my conscience, and the Army... and if you ever talk to my wife again, buy a bugle and find somebody who can play taps.
Jonas: The man was Bin Laden 15 years ago. What are you doing handing him back. Mack: It's what the other side wanted for Christmas. Jonas: The State Department know about this? Bob: No. But the Air Force does. Mack: We left 'em a present.
Colonel Tom Ryan - "Each solider in the unit carries their own body bag, and until you carry one you don't deserve to talk to my men about their code. They signed on to not exist, for them there is no legacy. These men die for each other, not for you or for your boss. These men are warriors. You think you need to remind them about their codes of silence. They answer to a higher code."
FBI Agent: "Sergeant Major Where are you going?" Jonas: I'm gonna take down that plane. And I've got my best man in the woods, so if you give me up he will come down here and shoot you dead. You, You and You, Panic. The rest of you come with me."
CIA Agent: "Is your man really a Jew" Jonas: "What possible concern is that of yours?"
Kim to Mack... "Any regrets?" Mack "Regrets are for the Air Force ma'am. I am a Ranger."