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Usher Raymond IV (born 1978-10-14 in Chattanooga, TN) is an American singer and actor.


  • It can never be bad to have a foundation as a man — a black man — in a time when women are dying for men. Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men.
    • From an interview with VIBE, "Caught Up"
  • I wouldn't call myself a coward, no way. But being buried alive is something I could never handle. The only way you'd see me being buried alive is if I was dead, man.
    • From an interview with VIBE, "Caught Up"


  • I was pressured by my mom and other people around me to present a pre-nup to Tameka the morning of our wedding. She shocked everyone when she refused to sign it and we both allowed all the wedding plans to crash as each was too stubborn to move forward. But, according to the Rules, this is exactly what you are supposed to do to "prove" to your man that you are not a gold-digger.
    • On his cancelled wedding

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