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Vaclav Klaus

Vaclav Klaus (born 1941-06-19) is the second President of the Czech Republic and a former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1992 – 1997). He is co-founder of the Civic Democratic Party, one of the the Czech Republic's major political parties. He became president of the Czech Republic in 2003.


  • Environmentalism is a dangerous ideology endangering human freedom. (2007)


  • Ecology isn't science. It has nothing common with science. It's ideology. (1995)
  • Effort of scientist is to make people go mad and give them more and more money. (1997)
  • Mr. President [ Václav Havel ] has for all eight years made an effort on essentially different political, economic and in general social system than dominant political powers; to want - instead of society of indipendent citizens - somewhat elitarian and human-downgrading system, which he calls civic society (1998)
  • Civic society is disputation with free society, and it's duty of every democrat, with all his forces, to his dying day fight against her! (2005)
  • It's not possible to listen to today-popular -isms, such as multiculturalism, humanrightism, ecologism, supranationalism, communitarism, feminism, NGOism etc. These -isms don't contribute to liberty, nay contrawise. (2005)
  • Dear electors, if you long for such morrows, where your free election is controled and everyone, who dares to put forth his own opinion, is threatened, then I am surely a man of yesterday. If you feel fine in atmosphere of enmity, hostility, conflict, slur and stultification, I cannot be yours candidate, because in whole my political career I strived for fair political competition and finding of consensus; and I always denied crudeness and offences. If you don't want to respect tradition of our civilisation, hers christian values, emphasis on classic family and respect to every man's life, don't elect me, because I respect these values. If you want to live in future made of fashion-fads, when smoking will be prohibited, but drugs'll be tolerated, when wedlock will be instute of extinction and only couples to registration will be going to town-hall [to get married], when we will mercifully deprive old and patient of life, when they will prescribe to us, what to eat, drink, and how to speak; then this is not my programme. This is not my view of future... (2008)
  • We have these machines ( computers ) as well in offices, and I really don't know what good is it. (1997)
  • Fact, that Chinese took off obligatory Mao-Zedong-cutted uniform and instead put on jeans and T-shirts with graffiti Coca-Cola or I Love New York, is in my humble opinion greater break-through and greater release of man than birth of one independent or dissident journal. If someone doesn't understand this, than he doesn't understand anything.
  • Every single dollar in citizen's pocket is greater danger for totality than dissident journal. - Said about communist regime

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