Vazgen Sargsyan

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Vazgen Sargsyan

Vazgen Sargsyan (March 5, 1959October 27, 1999) was Prime Minister of Armenia for the Republican Party of Armenia from June 11, 1999 to October 27, 1999 until his assassination. He was well-known as a military leader, the first Minister of Defense of Armenia, awarded by Artsakh hero and National Hero of Armenia (posthumously) titles. Despite ensuring that President Levon Ter-Petrossian's side won the disputed 1995 election, and crushing street protests against the manipulated results, Sargsyan abandoned him in late 1997 and switched his support to prime minister Robert Kocharyan, who soon took over as president. After serving as defense minister, he was appointed prime minister by President Kocharyan. Sargsyan was killed, however, along with parliament speaker and former communist leader Karen Demirchyan and several other politicians when gunmen, headed by journalist Nairi Hunanyan took over the parliament building in what is known as the Armenian parliament shooting. Sargsyan's body is buried in Yerablur military cemetery.


  • In Armenia, the economic condition is miserable not because we have the Artsakh issue, but because, first of all, we have worked poorly. Since '95, our living condition has been heavily difficult.
    • [January 1998]
  • I am convinced, as a member of this structure, that Armenia's government, Armenia's people, Armenia's living conditions, all need great improvement. Our potential has not been completely used.
    • [January 1998]
  • Karabakh, as a landmass, what kind of benefit can it give to us...? All the world's most powerful governments pay millions of dollars for seas and deserts, 100's of acres of land bought for ownership, and improvement done for later benefit. Because it's land that is forever stable, money is just paper.
    • [January 1998]
  • If Azerbaijan itself holds such military events and invites representatives of Armenia, we will definitely accept the invitation.
    • [September 26, 1998]
  • We and only we can build our home. It is better to light a candle, than complain endlessly about the darkness all the time.
    • [August 9, 1999]
  • A deputy should have immunity, but this does not exempt him from criminal accountability.
    • [May 10, 1999]
  • It is impossible today to entirely root out corruption. Our task is to reduce its scale and bring it down to the level that would not prevent the country's development.
    • [October 22, 1999]
  • The history of the last Soviet decades was to a certain extent a history of corruption hitting the entire country, and that psychology cannot be changed in just one day.
    • [October 22, 1999]
  • I'm convinced that the Republic of Armenia will not allow anything to happen to Karabakh.

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