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Vic Mignogna is an American voice actor who is best known for the voice work he has done for a large number of anime series as well as movies and video games.

He has visited a large number of anime conventions; most if not all of the following quotes would have been spoken at one of said conventions.

  • "Please withold your...squee-ing."
  • "Colonel Mustang is dead sexy! ...In a mini-skirt!"
  • "Not the donut story!"

In response to a fan's question about Travis Willingham:

  • She asked if it was true that Travis Willingham drank 14 shots of tequila. Well, first of all you guys, Travis is a big boy. I mean, I'm not short, Travis is freakishly tall. Alright? And Monica--this is so funny. At AWA last fall, Monica and Travis and I were guests there, and, um, and Caitlin was there, and Monica and Travis decided they were gonna have a shots contest. Now, I don't even like, I wasn't even there! I don't even DO shots! So Monica challenged Travis to a shots contest. Well, Monica is a little girl, and Travis is a big boy, and so Monica decided that it would be fair if she drank one to every Travis two. And of course, Travis being the 'Sure!' kinda guy, he's like "Bring it on!" So, they all disappeared, I don't know where they went or where this happened, but I was out in front of the hotel...when they came back. And, I mean, I have never seen anything so funny in my life! Travis was like, "Hey man..." (*stumbles back and puts his hand on the table behind him for support*) He's like...(*motions for a nearby Roy cosplayer to stand, then waves him back down*) No, you're too tall. You--(*motions for a nearby Edward cosplayer to stand next to him*) This is me--(*points to Ed cosplayer*) and this is Travis. (*points to himself*) Probably about right, too. And so, Travis is like...(*slings his arm around the Ed cosplayer's shoulders and kinda leans against her, making her stumble*) "Hey dude...I'm barely standing up right now," he whispers in my ears. And there are fans everywhere! And ya know,people are taking pictures, and he's trying to look cool and stuff, glossed over eyes, and he goes, "Uh...Monica had...Monica did seven shots...That means I did fourteen!" The funniest part was, ya know how when some people get kinda drunk, they get kinda real like, "I love you, man!" This is Travis, I swear, he's like, "You, you--" (*pinches the Ed cosplayer's cheeks and shakes her head by her chin*) "You were so good! I-I didn't even know what I was doin', and I'm in there, and I hear you and I'm like, (*pinches her cheeks again*) "Yes!" How could I ever live up to that?! ...Incredible, ya know that? ...INCREDIBLE!
  • Hello, Travis? Is this Penthouse Travis? Is this "I'm so popular, I have a Penthouse in Beverly Hills" Travis? Is that you? Well, we're here at a panel for the Mini-skirt Army, in fact, Mr.Kyle is videotaping this right now, so you just might even get to see this up on 'OOTube!
  • Are you my Soldier A?

In response to a question about Ed/Envy fan fictions:

  • But we're FAMILY!
  • Time to rip off my shirt to please the fangirls!