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This is a collection of quotes about video games.


  • It's tough to "buy American" when a video game sold by a U.S. company has been developed by Japanese software engineers and packaged in Mexico.
    • Barack Obama. About the worldwide video game market. Quoted in "The Audacity of Hope" - Page 175 - by Barack Obama


  • "Life is a video game. No matter how good you get, you are always zapped in the end"
  • "All your base are belong to us."
    • "Cats," from an unprofessional translation of the Japanese video game Zero Wing
  • "Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll."
  • "I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets."
  • "Show me your children’s games, and I will show you the next hundred years."

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