Vladimir Barsky

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Vladimir Barsky (1889 - 1936-01-24) was a Russian actor and director.


  • In 16th-century Italy there lived Lodovico Gonzaga, a 16-year old seminarist who was very fond of playing ball. Once a certain priest passing by wondered if for a future priest the youth was too keen on his pursuit and asked him:

    "What would you do if you learned that in half an hour the end of the world was coming?" To which Lodovico replied: "I'd play on." According to the Russian thinker Georgy Fedotov, the importance of culture lies in precisely that: we go on playing ball on the verge of Doomsday...

    • Chromaticism, trans. Romela Kohanovskaya (1996, ISBN 371865704x), Introduction, p. ix