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This page contains quotes and slogans about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

General (sourced)

  • "Possibly the most sought-after technological innovation since Captain Kirk first flipped open his communicator is the plug-in hybrid."
- Matthew L. Wald, "A Plug-In Conversion for Prius", The New York Times, 2008-04-27 [1].
- "The end of the petrolhead", The Economist, 2008-06-19 [2]
  • "The drumbeat of the electrical transportation is accelerating like nothing I've ever seen in my life."
- Andrew Grove, "Ex-Intel head pushes electric cars", Associated Press by Ken Thomas, 2008-06-27 [3]
  • "While the ability for Obama, if elected, to deliver on his energy-related campaign promises remains to be seen, Tuesday night's presentations helped establish the plug-in hybrid as a mainstream American household term perhaps as a synonym for 100-mpg vehicle."
-Bradley Berman, "Democrats Put Plug-In Hybrids on Main Stage", 2008-08-27 [4]
  • "Felix Kramer, who has made plug-in electric cars not only his passion but an imminent American reality, was always ready to take a query from me."
- Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times, "Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America", page 417, 2008-09-09.

"The plug-in hybrid is the most notable technological advancement of the past 50 years", "G.M.'s challenge is making them profitable and continuing to invent a broad range of advanced vehicles."

-David Cole, the chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in "G.M. at 100: Is Its Future Electric?", The New York Times by Don Sherman, 2008-09-14

About brands

General Motors

Chevrolet Volt

"The Chevrolet Volt has joined baseball and apple pie as an unassailable, non-partisan symbol of American can-do and know-how. General Motors won't start selling the plug-in hybrid for another 18 months (at least), but that hasn't kept it from becoming the most important political accessory since the flag lapel pin."

-Chuck Squatriglia/Keith Barry, "McCain Announces His Running Mate - The Chevy Volt", 2008-07-18 [5].
  • Volt is the GM's "most important model in decades -- and possibly the key to its survival."
- John D. Stoll, "GM Looks for Buzz With Its Electric Volt; Auto Maker Hopes High-Mileage Car Will Repair Image", Wall Street Journal, 2008-09-15[6].
  • "It represents nothing less than the first step in the reinvention of the automobile." [7]
Bob Lutz, GM Fastlane Blog "Power On", September 16th, 2008
  • "It's not a car for everyone, but it's the first step toward a new kind of car for everyone".
Mark Phelan, "Chevy Volt's value is as dawn of era", Detroit Free Press , 2008-09-21 [8]