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This is an archive of topics that were previously on the Quotes:Votes for deletion page.

Kept articles Deleted 0-D Deleted E-H Deleted I-K Deleted L-P Deleted Q-S Deleted T-Z+ Deleted pages Deleted images Pending

Kept articles

The votes on these articles resulted either in keeping them intact or moving them to more appropriate locations, keeping a redirect in place.

Template:/3rd Rock From The Sun

Template:/A Course in Miracles Template:/A Tryst With Destiny Template:/Abortion Template:/Adult Swim Template:/Adventures of Chico & Guapo, The Template:/AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes Template:/Aleksis Kivi Template:/Ali Sina Template:/Amber Template:/Amitabh Bachchan Template:/Anything Goes Template:/Aphorism Template:/Arthur C. Clark vs Clarke Template:/Azerbaijani proverbs

Template:/Bokononism Template:/Bonus Stage

Template:/Cast Away Template:/Category:Marines Template:/Category:Native Americans Template:/Charlie Parker Template:/Chiropractic medicine Template:/College football Template:/Constantine Template:/Consumerism Template:/Crusade

Template:/Dalai Lama Template:/Dalek Template:/Denis Leary Template:/Dhammapada Template:/Die Hard With a Vengeance Template:/Dr. Alfred Kinsey Template:/Dr. Frank Crane

Template:/Enya Template:/Evans Template:/Eugene V. Debs

Template:/Faults of the rich Template:/First Things First Template:/Fit Finlay

Template:/George Sanders Template:/Ghost in the shell SAC

Template:/Haunted Apiary Template:/Hugo Weaving Template:/Hymn to Satan

Template:/InuYasha Template:/Iron Jawed Angels

Template:/Jack Thompson (attorney)


See Sharmell.

Template:/Jaden Korr Template:/Jalal ad-Din Rumi Template:/James Cramer Template:/John Ziman Template:/Jokes Template:/Journey to the East Template:/Jules de Gaultier Template:/Just war

Template:/Kappa Mikey Template:/Kate Clinton Template:/Katherine Harris Template:/Katherine Whitehorn Template:/Kent Hovind Template:/Knock knock jokes Template:/Kyle XY

Template:/Last Words in Shakespeare Template:/Lincoln Memorial Template:/Lloyd Banks Template:/London Template:/LSD Template:/Lucian Lévi-Bruhl

Template:/Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Template:/Million Dollar Baby Template:/Modest Mouse

Template:/Neglected Mario Characters

Template:/Osmosis Jones

Template:/Patsy Kensit Template:/Paul Bettany Template:/Paul Sally Template:/Proposed new main page, Alternative proposed new main page, Two column proposed new main page Template:/Proverbs, Book of Proverbs

Template:/Rajinikanth Template:/Robert Morrison

Template:/Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker Template:/Spaced Template:/Speeches Template:/Stanley Kubrick Template:/Stephen Colbert

Template:/T-34 tank Template:/Teresa Simões-Ferreira Heinz Template:/The Doctor (Doctor Who) Template:/The Order of the Stick Template:/The Other Eden Template:/The Prophet Template:/The Railway Series Template:/The Searchers Template:/To Kit Template:/Tookie Williams Template:/Tupac Shakur

Template:/Veronica Mars Template:/Vulcan Proverbs

Template:/War of the Worlds (television) Template:/Quotes:Category schemes Template:/Quotes:Pay attention to spelling Template:/Quotes:Reference desk Template:/Will Cuppy Template:/Wives Template:/Wonder Showzen

Template:/Yoda & Jar Jar Binks

Deleted articles 0-D

The votes on these main namespace articles resulted in their deletion.

20th Century Fox & Paramount: The Curse of the Imagine Entertainment

See #Paramount Go Christmas!. Template:/24 Template:/4 Strings

Template:/A blind man running for his life will never see the difference. Scot proverb (Granny Kerr) Template:/A speech made by The Prince of Wales at a Business Lunch in Mumbai held with members of the business community, A speech for the opening of the Pembrokeshire Meat Company Abattoir Template:/Aamir gill Template:/Aaron Franks Template:/Academy Award Template:/ACPOC Syndrome Template:/Adam Margolin Template:/Adam Pearson Template:/Address Unknown "episodes" Template:/Adenosine triphosphate Template:/Adrian Edmondson Template:/Adrian Speyer Template:/Aiven Andrians Template:/Alamela Rowan Template:/Alan Suja

Alayna Rakes

See #Uncle Nagy's House, Alayna Rakes. Template:/Alejandro Murillo Template:/Aleksandr Maksimov Template:/Alex Michalas

Alice Deejay

See 4 Strings. Template:/Alice Hoeltke Template:/Alicja Gajowniczek Template:/All Grown Up Template:/Allgames.com Template:/Amirali Zohrenejad Template:/Ana ivanovic Template:/Andrew Crichton Template:/Andrew Finlay Template:/Andrew lafree Template:/Andrew Nierman Template:/Andrew Price, Andrew Alexander Price Template:/Andrew T. Butcher Template:/Andrey Marchuk Template:/Andy Lai Template:/Anfiniti Template:/Anime Template:/Another Day Template:/Antarctic institute of canada Template:/Anthony Donovan Eichelberger Template:/Anton Wolkov Template:/Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Template:/Areti metuamate Template:/Argos Template:/Aries Template:/Arthur Clayton Crafsee Template:/Ashoka Prasad Template:/Ashutosh Arya Template:/Askari Jafri Template:/Austin James Schock Template:/Austin Roberts Template:/Australian rules football

Template:/B. H. Danser's Monograph: Nepenthes rajah Template:/Bad title Template:/Bart the Genius Template:/Basheer Ahmed, Bashir Ahmed Template:/Basil O'Connor Template:/Be and Do Template:/Beaujolais Bulman Template:/Beauty that is easiest to find isn't always the substance of a being Template:/Ben Payton Template:/Benjamin Abell Template:/Benzi K. Ahamed Template:/Bert Macleod Template:/Bille joe armstrong Template:/Billy Boy Franklin Template:/Bleed Template:/Bob Template:/Bob Dylan Template:/Boscoe Pertwee Template:/Boyd Rice and Friends Template:/Brand Template:/Brent weichsel Template:/Bret Easton Ellis Template:/Brett Hatfield Template:/Brian Evans Template:/Brian Kubatz Template:/Brian Morin Template:/Brian Ratkus Template:/Broden Template:/Broken links Template:/"Broken" pages


See 4 Strings. Template:/Bush Administration Template:/But Chi Huen

Template:/C is for Cookie Template:/Cara Gentile Template:/Caroline Somsen Template:/Carolyn Crouch Template:/Catz Template:/Chaitanya Kamisetty Template:/Charles, Prince of Wales Template:/Charlie Murphy Template:/Charon Template:/CHHS Improv Template:/Chris Elliott Template:/Christopher Chippindale Template:/Christopher Oldfield Template:/Chuck Izzo Template:/Clarence McCoy Template:/Clinton Moore Template:/Clive Revill Template:/Closing session of the 5th Meeting on Globalization and Development held in Havana, Cuba Template:/Clothes Template:/"Coiffed hair and california coolers are too much for a head full of acid" Template:/Col. Rob Parker Template:/Collis Hardenbergh Template:/Concrete Hippo Template:/Conor somerville Template:/Copy of Wikipedia main page Template:/Craig Collie Template:/Current events Template:/Cuzco

Template:/D. Granosalis Template:/Daniel Aubrey Template:/Daniel dawson Template:/Daniel Mawson Template:/Darius Peczek Template:/Darrin Caruso Template:/David Booth Template:/David Bradley Template:/David Epstein Template:/David F. Embree Template:/David Frasier Template:/David Kline Template:/David Kretch Template:/David L. Abbott Template:/David radwaner Template:/David Shilobod Template:/David Tabriz Template:/David Vaughan Template:/Death by Stereo Template:/Death By Stereo Template:/Delo McKown Template:/Deneme tahtası Template:/Derek Devenpeck Template:/Despair.com Template:/Dexter Holland Template:/Diege Template:/Die Hard 4.0 Template:/Dillon Template:/Dillon Chung Template:/Dimitris Varos Template:/DJ Robert Starkey Template:/DJ Scrodanus Template:/Doctor Nick Riviera Template:/Dogbert's New Ruling Class Template:/Dom Reeve Template:/Don Roche Template:/Donna Dixon Template:/Dream Harvest College Template:/Duke Nukem vs. South Park Template:/Dustin Gawrylow

Deleted articles E-H

Template:/Eastern Thought Template:/Ed Chavez Template:/Ed Howdershelt Template:/Eddie Segoura Template:/Eddie's Stories Template:/Edward Dowling Template:/Edward Rae Template:/Ekaangi Template:/Electronic games Template:/Elizabeth Lank Template:/Elliott rock Template:/Emily Potter Template:/Emily Riebe Template:/Encyclopædia Britannica Template:/Engy Badran Template:/Eric Fulton Template:/Erich Ludendorff Template:/Ezra Deutsch-Feldman

Template:/Face Off Template:/Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Template:/Fan Noli Template:/Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift Template:/Fast Lane Template:/Ferengi Rules of Aqusition Template:/Fintin O'Brien Template:/Frank Gehry Template:/Frank Tyger Template:/Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria Template:/Friday

Template:/G-unit Template:/Gareth Cushley Template:/Gary Wilmott Template:/Geoffrey Markham Template:/George Eastman Template:/George Fernandez Template:/George Will Template:/Georgie Henley Template:/Gerhard Kocher Template:/Get ahht Template:/Geza Pal & Geza Palatos Template:/Ghrace Jeevasagayam Template:/Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Template:/Godfather, The (Parts II & III) Template:/Grant Dowell Template:/Gregor Brand Template:/Grimaldos Robin Template:/Grumpy Old Men Template:/Guide to layout Template:/Günün sözü Template:/Gus Arredondo Template:/Gwen from Tempe

Template:/Hadier Khan , HAider and Haider Khan, Haider Template:/Hannah Richardson Template:/Harlan Tufford Template:/Hatori Template:/Health, Hospital, Patient Template:/Helen Vrousia Template:/Hindi proverbs Template:/His Holiness the Dalai Lama Template:/Hugo romano Template:/Hrishikesh Gaitonde

Deleted articles I-K

Template:/I'm a Weed: One Girl's Story of the Holocaust Template:/I know but still Template:/Ian McDiarmid Template:/Incognito Template:/Inka Vendari Template:/It's A Big Big World Template:/Its Tough

Template:/Jacinto Caetano Template:/Jacinto Javier Bowks de la Rosa Template:/Jack Pownall Template:/Jacques D'Amboise Template:/James beaumont Template:/James Chin Template:/James Coates Template:/James Mallard Template:/James Norman Bowks Sr. Template:/James Oppenheim Template:/James Randall Template:/James Tarmy Template:/James Wylie Template:/Jan Kaim Template:/Jarrod Hill Template:/Jason Beattie Template:/Jason Dunn Template:/Jean Seberg Template:/Jeff Detweiler Template:/Jeff Rupert Template:/Jeremy Rodgers Template:/Jeyakumar Nadarajah Template:/Jim Oblak Template:/Jim Shapiro Template:/Jimmy Jhonson Template:/Jimmy Williams Template:/Joakim noah Template:/Joe Regan Template:/Joe Roskowski Template:/Johannes Kayßer Template:/John Dunford Template:/John Foley Template:/John M. Anglin Template:/John Mavridis Template:/Jonathan davies Template:/Jonathan Prendergast Template:/Jon Canter Template:/Jon Schaffer Template:/Jonathan Blake Template:/Jones Soda Co. Template:/Jose sousa Template:/Joshua Alexander Scruggs Template:/JRM Template:/Juergen Heine Template:/Juliana Espana Keller

Template:/Kai Parkinson Template:/Kaosu Rah Template:/Karl herrick Template:/Kathryn Champlin Template:/Keith Suter Template:/Kevin Heins Template:/Kevin McCarron Template:/Kevin Miller Template:/Kim Template:/Kishor Template:/Konstantin Mechler Template:/Kristy Swanson

Deleted articles L-P

Template:/Lachlan Template:/Laputian proverbs Template:/Leeroy Jenkins Template:/Lehi (group) Template:/Leonard Brandwein Template:/Lery PointDuJour Template:/Lexi Q Template:/Libbie Fudim Template:/Lifespan Template:/L'inconnu de ce Monde Template:/Linguistics


See 4 Strings. Template:/List of speeches Template:/List of The Simpsons episodes Template:/Long Dong Silver Template:/Lores of Halkyn Template:/Love Inc.

Template:/Mabvuto Munthali Template:/Macedonia Template:/Madelyn Kren Template:/Manoj Sati Template:/Manuel de Castro Template:/Manus Flanagan Template:/Mar Template:/Mark Adams and Zezima Template:/Mark R. Watson Template:/Marshall medo Template:/Martin K. Indik Template:/Martins Dzelde and Dzelde Template:/Matt Sealy Template:/Mason Stahl Template:/Matt Smith Template:/Matt Whiteman Template:/Matt Wisniewski Template:/Matthew Conrad Template:/Matthew Wilcox Template:/Mavani Vinay Template:/Max Hartshorn Template:/Meade skelton Template:/Mervin Gonin Template:/Metal Gear Awesome Template:/Methuselah Jones Template:/Micahel Stuart (statistician) Template:/Michael Askey Template:/Michael Bloomberg Template:/Michael C. Rush Template:/Michael Joseph Neils Template:/Michael Laitman Template:/Michael morrison


See Sharmell. Template:/Might Makes Right Template:/Mike Gannon Template:/Mike mccaughan Template:/Minotaur Template:/Miramax Family Films Template:/Misquotes for comic effect Template:/Mnemonics Template:/Mojahedin-e Khalgh Template:/Monica Lewinsky Template:/Motivational Template:/Mousetrap Template:/Mr. Burns Template:/Mr. Ryan, Mr. Beauvoir, and Mr. Murphy Template:/Mudslinging Template:/Music groups

Template:/Nat Mongioi Template:/Nathalie Loisau Template:/Naz Baker Template:/Neil Template:/Netcraft Template:/Neurotically Yours Template:/New Providence High School

NFL Quotations

See 4 Strings. Template:/Nicholas Aranda Template:/Nintendo

Template:/Obeng de Lawrence Template:/Obvious Discrete Template:/Olav Mjelde Template:/Oliver Putzier Template:/Ong Lee Shyh Template:/Other people's money Template:/OwlWhacker Template:/Özhan Öztürk Template:/Ozymandias

Template:/Painkiller Supreme Template:/Pam Cannon Template:/Pan-atheism Template:/Pangea Template:/Paramount Go Christmas! Template:/Patrick Doo Machine Template:/Patti Cannon Template:/Paul Boese Template:/Paulyxxx Template:/Penelope mortimer Template:/Peter dinatale Template:/Peter Burns Template:/Peter Kraft Template:/Philip Agre Template:/Phreaky A Template:/Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Template:/Places Template:/Portal:Portal Template:/Proverb: A bird in the hand


See 4 Strings. Template:/Pravin mansukhani

Deleted articles Q-S

Template:/Quentin Tarantino Template:/Quenzer Template:/Quiz Template:/Quotation Chalkboard

Template:/Raimond Verwei Template:/Rachel Johns Template:/Recovered/Wikiquote, Recovered/Template Template:/RedStar2000 Template:/Reeses Roper Template:/Reirom Template:/Rev. J. R. MacDonald Template:/Rev Timms Template:/Rex Exitium Template:/Richard Childers Template:/Richard French Template:/Richard L Kempe Template:/Richard Ryan Template:/Rich Leeper Template:/Rick Riopelle Template:/Ridge Racer Template:/Rishi tandon Template:/Robert Frank Template:/Robert J. Petry Template:/Robert M Kennedy Template:/Robert Pastel Template:/Roofi Shaikh - 2004 Template:/Ruzkin Template:/Ryan Livingston Template:/Ryan Schreiber

Template:/Sabri Kalic Template:/Sammy Gouti Template:/Samuel Lee Smith Template:/Satchel Cohen Template:/Sean Frampton Template:/Sean Neakums Template:/Sebastian Kwiatkowski Template:/Ségur Template:/Selena Ravot Template:/Self-proclaimed deities Template:/Sgt. Jamie Shrope Template:/Shabbir Moiz Ali Hazari Template:/Shane Fender Template:/Shane Lively Template:/Sharmell Template:/Shawn Mikula Template:/Shawn triscari Template:/Sheng Long Template:/Shkodër Template:/Sholey Template:/Shouji Gato Template:/Shuvo Bakar Template:/Silver Sunnebeam Template:/Sim Zhi Min Template:/Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Sister Sherri

See Sharmell. Template:/SMTP Template:/Song of Songs Template:/Sophie (Sixth Former) Template:/Spencer brisson Template:/Status Quo Template:/Stephen Roberts Template:/Steve McKnight Template:/Steven Kippel Template:/Steven Plaut Template:/Steven Robinson Template:/Stpehen McLarnon Template:/Stuart West Template:/Student self-governance, Woo! Template:/Styx Template:/Super Nintendo Template:/Susana Jean Bass Template:/Sven Mattson Template:/Sweat of the Damned Template:/SydLexia.com Template:/Sydney Cook

Deleted articles T-Z, non-latin characters

Template:/Tanwani Anyangwe Template:/Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Template:/Thad Komorowski Template:/The Boogeyman Template:/The Clapper Template:/The Crystal Method Template:/The Fox and the Hound Steal Money Template:/The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Template:/The Lord of the Rings (fandom) Template:/The Mechanical Squirrel Army Template:/The Penultimate Peril Template:/The Prince of Poker Template:/The Shadow Walker Template:/The Sims Template:/The Sims 2 Template:/The Success System That Never Fails Template:/The World After It Ends Template:/Theodore R. Long Template:/Thomas & Friends Go Wild! Template:/Thomas Lorimer Morton Template:/Thomas Morison Template:/The Social Contract Template:/Tim Montgomery Template:/Tim Murray Template:/Tim Redmond Template:/Tom Henderson Template:/Tomb Raider Template:/Tommy Choy Template:/Tony ngyuen Template:/Torquay Template:/Transcendentalism - A New Revelation Template:/Transcendentalism Today Template:/Transwiki:Men can do all things if they will Template:/Trapped In The Looking Glass Template:/Trigun episode guide Template:/Trinity Template:/T.S. Boldy Template:/Turophile Template:/Tyler Silvestri

Template:/Ujeev Template:/Uncle Nagy's House, Alayna Rakes Template:/University of Texas at Austin Template:/Urdu proverbs

Template:/Variations of I stretched my rectum Template:/Vectorman Template:/Vice President Template:/Vincent I. Patino Template:/Vladislav Sukonnikov

Template:/Waleed Shahid Template:/Waleed Tuffaha Template:/Walter Muncaster Template:/Wannes van Deursen and Van Deursen,Wannes Template:/Wanyes World Wanyes World Patry Tmie Exclleent Template:/West Side Story (Musical) Template:/What would you do if Jesus came to Hawthorn? Template:/When it All Goes Wrong Again & Amir W. Khalifa Template:/Where the bloody hell are you? Template:/William M. "Morrie" Weeks Template:/Word jokes on proverbs Template:/Would you die for me?

Template:/Yatin Mondkar Template:/Yellow Submarine (animated movie/soundtrack) Template:/Yellow Submarine Lyrics Template:/Yesterdays Somebodies Template:/Yo Momma Template:/You forgot Poland Template:/You're either with us, or against us

Template:/Zach Miller Template:/Zach Parker Template:/Zak Strassberg Template:/Zalman Stern Template:/Zoom

Template:/首页 Template:/Пушкин, Александр Сергеевич Template:/정신분석과 지그문트 프로이트 Template:/鲁迅 Template:/خالد احمدي

Deleted pages

Template:/Category:1919 births Template:/Category:1920 births Template:/Category:1960 births Template:/Category:1964 films Template:/Category:1998 deaths Template:/Category:Actress


See #Category:Native Americans. Template:/Category:Animation films Template:/Category:Arts Template:/Category:Britain, Prime Ministers Template:/Category:Commercials, Category:Quotes by nationality Template:/Category:Films in the People's Republic of China Template:/Category:Humanitarians Template:/Category:(Messiah) Template:/Category:Natives of Cornwall Template:/Category:People by year Template:/Category:People from Canada Template:/Category:Prime Ministers of Britain Template:/Category:Words Template:/Portal:Law Template:/Talk:Frenetic Five/Alternative Template:/Talk:Reirom Template:/Template:Can'tDelete Template:/Template:Imdb Template:/Template:Intro Template:/Template:Substub Template:/Template:Warningdonotredirect Template:/Template:Wikimedia, Portal:portal Template:/User:RyanCahn Template:/User:SlawekP Template:/Quotes:Other language Wikiquotes Template:/Quotes:Out of the Past Template:/Quotes:People articles in Wikipedia to be linked to Wikiquote Template:/Quotes:Yo, Millard Fillmore!

Deleted images


Template:/Image:Americanpsycho.jpg Template:/Image:Ariel (arik) sharon 1yossi-3.jpg Template:/Image:Auschwitz11.jpeg Template:/Image:Auschwitz60-faces MINI.gif


Template:/Image:Crane5002 Pub and Contentsa.jpg Template:/Image:Crane5atitle.jpg

Template:/Image:Dan.jpg Template:/Image:DJcubeV3.jpg


Template:/Image:Frank Crane Four Minute Essays vol 5 Title Page.jpg, Image:Crane5008 1919 Essays vol5 pg8.jpg, Image:Crane5004 1919 Essays Vol 5 Page4.jpg Template:/Image:Frank Crane vol5 pg6.jpg Template:/Image:Franklin.jpg

Template:/Image:Gandhi.gif Template:/Image:Gandhi.jpg, Image:Jefferson.jpg, Image:Hesse.jpg, Image:Keller.jpg, Template:/Image:Gotham Central 007-Renee.png


Template:/Image:Ich Bin Ein Berliner Template:/Image:Internet limecat.jpg

Template:/Image:Keyes-sharon-3.gif Image:Keyes sharon 2002.jpg Image:Keyessharon2002.jpg Image:041102speech keyes conceding defeat.jpg

Template:/Image:MAHARAJI WIKIPEDIA.jpg Template:/Image:Mark twain.jpg Template:/Image:Meera13.png

Template:/Image:P12.jpg, Image:P22.jpg, Image:P32.jpg, Image:P42.jpg Template:/Image:Post-72-1104633338.jpg, Image:Post-72-1104633316.jpg, Image:Post-72-1104633289.jpg


Template:/Image:Stop hand.png, Image:Wiki letter w.png, Image:WikiThanks.png, Image:Wikipedesketch1.png and more

Template:/Image:Wiktionary.png, Image:Wiki-textbook.png, Image:Wiki-meta.png, Image:Sourceberg.jpg Template:/Image:Wilsonwoodrow1.jpg

Pending deletion

The votes on these articles were for deletion, but are still awaiting actual deletion by sysops.