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Voyagers! is a science fiction television series which aired on NBC.

Season 1

Voyagers [1.1]

Phineas: Where's my guidebook?...Can't do a lousy thing without it...You got it there?"
Jeffrey: No, Ralph does...My dog.
Phineas: You mean the big furry thing with all the teeth

Phineas: Do you know what you've done? History is going to change because you couldn't control your shaggy little mutt. Empires are gonna fall. Wars are gonna rage! I'M GONNA LOSE MY JOB!

Jeffrey: There aren't any airplanes! That's what we have to change. Without airplanes the Germans are gonna win the war!
Phineas: The Germans didn't win the war?

Eddie Rickenbacker: You know how to fly one of these things?
Phineas: (laughs) Did Marie Antoinette have great legs?
Jeffrey: Hey! Why'd you lie to him? You can't fly one of these things!
Phineas: I didn't lie. I never lie. Marie Antoinette had terrible legs.

Created Equal [1.2]

Calpurnia: Oh, Jeffrey, I'm going to miss you.
Jeffrey: Hey, I'm gonna miss you too... but be realistic; the lives of two little people don't add up to a hill of beans in this crazy republic.

Bully and Billy [1.3]

Agents of Satan [1.4]

Worlds Apart [1.5]

Cleo and the Babe [1.6]

Jeffrey: (crying) I don't want anybody to see me cry; they'll think I'm a sissy.
Phineas: Why would they think that?
Jeffrey: 'cause men aren't s'posed to cry.
Phineas: Says who? What about Napoleon at Waterloo? George Washington at Valley Forge? General Eisenhower at... Bunker Hill?
Jeffrey: (looks up surprised)
Phineas: Got ya!

The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln [1.7]

Old Hickory and the Pirate [1.8]

The Travels of Marco...and Friends [1.9]

An Arrow Pointing East [1.10]

Merry Christmas, Bogg [1.11]

Buffalo Bill & Annie Oakley Play the Palace [1.12]

The Trial of Phineas Bogg [1.13]

Sneak Attack [1.14]

Voyagers of the Titanic [1.15]

Pursuit [1.16]

Destiny's Choice [1.17]

All Fall Down [1.18]

Barriers of Sound [1.19]

Jacks's Back [1.20]


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