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W.I.T.C.H. is a French animated television series based on the Italian comic book series of the same name. Like the comics, the series follows five ordinary girls: Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, with magical powers who become the Guardians of the Veil.

For details about characters see List of W.I.T.C.H. Characters (TV Show).

Season 1

It Begins

Hay Lin: Grandma, I sneezed and like totally trashed my room. What's wrong with me? It's not one of those becoming a woman things, is it?

Hay Lin (reacting to her grandma's dresser which is shaking and banging with light shining out of it): What's in there?!
Yan Lin: Christmas presents! Don't look!
Hay Lin: What are you giving me, a bear with a spotlight?

Susan: Go on Will, and don't forget, make lots of new friends today! I put a dozen extra cookies in your lunch, to help break the ice with the other girls.
Will (sarcastic): Gee, that'll make me popular.

Taranee: Cornelia, our project's supposed to prove that too much fertilizer reverses osmosis, killing the plants! Yours has grown like three inches.
Cornelia: Well I tried to kill it! I fertilized its little butt off!
Irma (whistfully): The judge!
(Cornelia pounds the plant with her fist as the noise attracts a nearby judge.)
Irma: Oh great. You and your little girly fists are gonna cost us a ribbon.

Cornelia: Have you guys noticed a bunch of real strange stuff going on around me lately?
Irma: Oh dear, the conversation has accidentally wandered away from Cornelia's life. Whatever were we thinking?

Yan Lin: All five of you will get better with your powers...I hope.
Taranee: Did you say five?
Will: Ummm, hate to disappoint you but I can't even do that trick where it looks like your thumb comes apart…but if I ever have a party, you guys are definitely the entertainment!

Taranee: Uh, recap? We've got to protect the world from evil by repairing holes in some kinda Veil?
Cornelia: This doesn't involve sewing does it?

Cornelia (to Hay Lin): No offense to your grandma or anything but she's, like, completely deluded. Probably not enough Vitamin D.
Taranee: What about the flower that grew when you just looked at it? And the water in Irma's glass... and that picture Mrs. Lin drew in the air?
Cornelia (dismissively): Magic tricks! Ten bucks on the Internet.

Will (after the girls transform into guardians for the first time): Holy cow!
Irma (to Hay Lin, about their outfits): You know? Somehow I cannot imagine your grandma wearing that.

Hay Lin: They're wings! We've got wings
Will:They can’t be wings. If they were wings, when we went like this (flaps her wings), we'd… (takes off) aaaaaaah!
Taranee: Oh man. I hate heights. I get woozy in high-heeled shoes.

Will (scared witless by Cedric): Uhhhh... fire!
Taranee: ME?
Will: Everybody!

Yan Lin: Ah! Lord Cedric.
Irma: Lord? They've got pretty low standards for knighthood over there.
Yan Lin: Cedric is not always in this form.
Irma: Well, that's good news for his wife.

It Resumes

Will: It's Class Picture Day tomorrow, do you guys get dressed up?
Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin: What?! No!
Irma: Cornelia started shopping for it in kindergarten.

Cornelia (to Hay Lin): Whoa, slow down Tinkerbell! We can rescue this rebel leader guy after Picture Day, right?
Taranee: Call me a wimp, but in the school yearbook I'd like to still have a face.
Irma: Forget Picture Day! I don't care what I look like, I care about who I am. Let's go kick some Meridian butt! (trying to sway Cornelia) Maybe there'll be some cute evil boys over there. Like the one that snake-thing caught!
Will: I want to go, but I don't know how much help we’re going to be by soaking him and covering him with garbage.

Blunk: Blunk not steal, trade. Rat for bread? Good deal, yes?
Caleb: Blunk? You're that smuggler.
Blunk: Businessman!

Cornelia: Nice shoes. Are you going to the Land Of Oz after school?
Hay Lin: Like you didn't dress up.
Cornelia: Well, we all knew I was lying.

Cornelia (about Taranee): Here comes Miss "I-get-dizzy-in-high-heels." (indicating Taranee's extra book bag) Is that for your cape and tiara?
Taranee: It's Will's backpack! I found it lying on the sidewalk. The crystal's still in it.
Hay Lin: Maybe she just dropped it?
Taranee: And didn't notice? Get real, her Science textbook alone must weigh 20 pounds!

Irma (discovering a portal in the school basement): Will's on the other side of that??
Cornelia: This is crazy. (indicating the Heart of Kandrakhar) Until Will puts that on, we don't even have any powers! We're taking the word of what? Some jewelry?

Caleb (struggling to climb up the oubliette wall): I've been in tougher places than this. Okay, not smellier places.
Blunk: Too high. Never make it.
Caleb: Have you even trieeeeee...?
(He loses his grip and slides back to the ground.)
Blunk: 3,700 times!

Will: I'm going back for Caleb.
Hay Lin: No! I fly better than you. Well, actually, chickens fly better than you.

Hay Lin (rescuing Caleb in flight): Surprise! Wow, you're heavy. So, do you have a girlfriend? Because I think Cornelia likes you.

Irma: It was so great! We fought and we flew, (about Blunk), and this slim-o creep-o thing escaped into the pipes!
Taranee: If he comes up under the girls' locker room, I'm switching schools.

The Key

Yan Lin: Ooh, Caleb. You are one major chunk.
Hay Lin: Uuuh, it's hunk, Grandma.

Taranee: I feel something down the back of my neck!
Will (in Irma's voice): You promise not to freak if I tell you what it is?
Taranee: Uh-uh.
Will (yanks an eel off Taranee and says in Irma's voice): Then it's just a hair.

Irma (refering to Blunk): I think I know where we can find the little troll. Uuuh, we'll need to be magic pixies again. Sorry, "guardians."

Blunk: Blunk a Passling. Passlings can smell.
Taranee: Ugh! Boy is that an understatement!

Taranee: Great. Bat caves, rat-infested alley, and now sewer-diving.

Aldarn: Hi. My name is, like, Aldarn. Would you like to, like, do a 360-fakie ollie with me sometime?
Cornelia: What?

Irma: Wait. You're telling us this is all the stink monkey's fault?
Caleb: Well, duh!
Aldarn: Duh? Your speech has, like, changed, Caleb.

Irma: Uh, is this small bloodsucking insect what I think it is?
Will: Don't say anything or they'll hear Taranee screaming back at school.

Taranee (to Lurden): You are sleeeeepy. Not to mention uuuuuugly.

Hay Lin: You sure don't look like a good guy!
Vathek: Uh, thank you?

Caleb: He looks like an overgrown raisin.
Blunk: Caleb jealous. Blunk da bomb!

Yan Lin: Shall we get down, Rebel Boy?
Caleb: I thought all Earthlings were strange, but I'm beginning to think it's just the females.

Happy Birthday, Will

Susan: Okay, birthday girl, but remember, no matter how old you get, you'll always be my Pink Perky Poopy Pumpkin.

Uriah: This pork chop tastes funny.
Clubber: Hmm, must be why it was in the garbage.

Taranee: Does this look cooked to you?
Cornelia: Taranee, it's a carrot! The only way it can harm you is if you're mugged by rabbits.

Taranee: Why not your place?
Cornelia: Ah, problem. My last party was so unbelievably great my parents say I can't have another one until after I leave home.

Caleb: We have parties in Meridian. To celebrate the end of Klunderfeast we cook and eat an ox.
Cornelia: We won't be doing that.

Cornelia: Hey girls! Party Friday, five o'clock, Irma's house. It's Will's birthday.
Hay Lin: It's a surprise, so don't tell Will or Irma.
Elyon: But you said it's at Irma's house.
Cornelia: Well, that's what makes it a surprise!

Uriah: Hey! How come Kurt, Clubber, and me didn’t get invited to this party of yours?
Cornelia: 'Cause I'm not inviting creeps? Oh, I'm sorry... (introducing) Creeps, Caleb. Caleb, creeps.
Caleb: Pleased to meet you. Are you related?

(Referring to the map Yan Lin just gave her)
Hay Lin: But why wait until now to give me this? Is it because my powers are finally mature enough that I'm worthy?
Yan Lin: Nah, it was in the attic. I couldn't find it. Found my old tennis racquet too. Fore!

Cornelia: Guess what the theme is!
Taranee: Uhh, "The color you turn when you're gonna throw up?"
Cornelia: Frog Party! Are you loving it!?
Lilian: It looks like someone barfed on the walls.

Lilian: That's my wading pool! You can't have it!
Cornelia: Quiet or I'll shave your bear!

Caleb: We've got to get Will something for her birthday! In Meridian, I'd give her the customary chicken skin hat. But Earth girls do like to buy this stuff that smells, in tiny bottles.
Blunk: Blunk have smelly in bottle! Gargoyle sweat!

Taranee: Let's stop at Irma's house. I have to use the bathroom.
Will: My place is closer.
Taranee: Yeah, but I can't use your bathroom. Because... it's... not on the ground floor! I have a rare fear of high toilets.

Cornelia: Can you believe Irma didn't want to throw you a party just because you told her not to? Give me 13 hugs, Birthday Girl!

Martin: Hey, thanks for inviting me, sweetie-lips.
Irma: I didn't invite you, Martin. I didn't invite anyone. And don't you ever call me sweetie-lips!
Martin: I didn't want to say in front of the other guests but there were flies on your cupcakes. Don't worry, though, I pulled them off. (licking fingers) Oh. They're just raisins. I'll put them back. They're in my pocket.

Blunk: Blunk help with gift. Blunk go inside.
Caleb: No, you can't. They've got enough frogs in there as it is.

Caleb: They have strange customs here. A guy is putting flies on lillie cakes.
Blunk: Sound Good!

Elyon (about Caleb's gift, a picture of Will in Guardian form): Look, it's Will! As a, as a kind of... fairy, or something.
Will (to Caleb in Elyon's voise): You're so talented.
Caleb: It's carved from driftwood. The wings are dragon scales.
Will (nervously): Ha, ha! He didn't mean real dragon scales.
Caleb: Sure I do!

Alchemy: Hi! Remember me from the mall? Alchemy?
Elyon: Remember me too? I'm Elyon.
Caleb: Caleb, from the mall.

Cornelia (pulling Caleb away from Elyon and her friend): Back off, girls. Stick with me or they'll tear you to pieces.

Elyon: So! Are you going to ask me to dance?
Caleb: Actually, I'm pretty good at the Mandurian Gavotte. I'll go find us a bucket.

Clubber: When do we do it?
Uriah: We do it when I say we do it!
Clubber: Sure thing, Uriah… Uh, when are you gonna say we do it?

Cornelia: The world had better be in serious danger for me to leave Caleb with those girls.

Caleb: Where are Will and Irma going?
Elyon: Pizza.
Caleb: Where's that?
Elyon: Oh, he's so cute!

Elyon (watching Caleb wistfully through the window): Wrap him up. I'll take him.

Taranee: Maybe we should call the police.
Will: For this kind of problem we are the police.
Taranee: I was afraid you'd say that.

Irma: All right! (refering to Cedric) Anyone want lizard on their pizza?

Taranee: Why don't we just take the elevator?
Will: You mean the elevator with the ding like a microwave telling him we're inside ready to eat?
Taranee: Eh, you're right. Let's fly up.

Blunk: Maybe Blunk too pretty to scare boys?
Caleb: I'll risk it.

Irma: My parents have been ruining my party for an hour. I hope you guys like pizza cuz there isn't gonna be anyone left in my house to eat it.
Hay Lin: You're right, they're not inside. They're outside!

Irma: Happy birthday Pink Poopy Perky Pumpkin.
Will: You know what would be a great gift? For you to never say that again!
Irma: What's that, poopy?

Season 2

I Is For Illusion

Chris: (leaping out of a car) Ohh...Finally air unpolluted by girl-breath
Irma: I so wouldn't bring up breath little brother...yours smelt of steel
Chris: Moan Moan Moan...Feeble Feeble Feeble
Irma: Listen you electric furball, No one messes with my brother but me!

U Is For Undivided

Cornelia: Hoho...Oh no...No one messes with my sister but me! Will send me home...now!
Irma: (to Cornelia) One big sister to another...you need to win back her trust...now that she's in Nerissa's sights...her life could depend on it!
Cornelia: Nice try, Nerissa. But even a mouse can see I’m better looking than that.
Cornelia: (once Nerissa de-glamors) Wow, I’m still better looking! The Guardian makeover: just not working. The dried-prune look was so much more you.
Cornelia: (finishing her story) Plus p.s. the princess' big sister promises to always be there for her (pecks Lilian's cheek) to make sure nothing ever divides them again!

V is For Victory

(After Caleb gets off the phone with Principal Knickerbocker)
Caleb: Meet Sheffield's newest foreign exchange student(referring to Phobos).
Hay Lin.: Too foreign! I could whip something up...
Phobos(raises hand and glamors himself into a college boy with a black shirt): Am I not down with my bad self?
Irma(sarcastically): Hey, chillin' with a villain...

Phobos(upon seeing Will in the Swim Meet): Ra Ra Sis boom ba!

W Is For Witch

Lilian: Why are you wearing pyjamas to go trick or treating?
Chris: I'm a ninja
Lillian: (sarcastically) Ninjas wear pyjamas?
Lilian: (Coming in to find W.i.t.c.h in guardian mode): Wow...you change fast.
Elizabeth Hale:(on seeing Hay Lin in her guardian mode) I don't remember Halloween costumes coming with that kind of padding?
Chris: I knew you really wanted to go! You had a costume all the time!
Irma: (seizing his hand) It's not a costume...it's a disguise...so no one sees me with you!
Irma:(brainwashing a selfish glutton) Give us candy, give us candy...CANDY
Chris: Isn't my sister the coolest

this is what they actually say in this particular episode[1]

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