WTO 2005

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October 16, 2005

"A low-wage trend caused by outsourcing is spreading around the world. The government and WTO must solve the problem of the widening rich-poor gap." Elizabeth Tang, director of Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO

Novermber 9, 2005

"I am sorry to report that we've not made the progress that we had hoped to make in order to put together a program for the Hong Kong meeting that would enable us to set forth a framework," - US Trade Representative, Robert Portman

November 10, 2005

"I am convinced, more than ever, that only the unity of the G-20 will be able to guarantee that, at this crucial moment, our interests are considered and the round is successful," - Brazilian President, Lula de Silva

November 16, 2005

"Given Hong Kong's free trade policy, we fully support the eventual elimination of trade-distorting and restrictive measures in agricultural trade," - Henry Tang, Finance Secretary of Hong Kong SAR

November 21, 2005

"It is not a negotiating session and we're not expecting any breakthrough," anonymous European diplomat.