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Heinrich Alfred Hermann Walther von Brauchitsch (October 4, 1881October 18, 1948) was an aristocratic German field marshal and the Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht Heer in the early years of World War II. Brauchitsch was made a field marshal in 1940 and was key in Hitler's "blitzkrieg" war against the West, making modifications to the original plan to overrun France. After the war, Brauchitsch was arrested and charged with war crimes, but died in Hamburg in 1948 before he could be prosecuted.


  • Soldiers! The great battle in the Vistula sector is finished. The Polish Army is annihilated. The operations against Poland are thus concluded.
    • To his troops. Quoted in "The World almanac and book of facts" - 1869 - Page 54
  • The German Army is tired. The vain effort to defeat Russia's armies has used up its equipment and reduced its morale.
    • Quoted in "Kaltenborn Edits the War News" - Page 25 - by Hans Kaltenborn - 1942
  • I myself won't do anything, but I won't stop anyone else from acting.
    • September 1938. Quoted in "Plotting Hitler's Death: The Story of German Resistance" - Page 128 - by Joachim C. Fest - 1997
  • Hitler is still such a popular man; we are afraid of the Hitler myth. We want to give to the German people and to the world the final proof by means of the Supreme Court-Martial and its verdict.
    • Quoted in "Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal" - Page 203 - Nuremberg, Germany - 1947


  • I hope nothing will occur that would create the possibility abroad of making atrocity propaganda out of these events.

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