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Warren Farrell (born in 1943) is an American author of seven books on women and men’s issues.


  • The weakness of men is the facade of strength: the strength of women is the facade of weakness..


  • All women's issues are to some degree men's issues and all men's issues are to some degree women's issues because when either sex wins unilaterally both sexes lose.


  • A bombshell...Forces us to see our everyday world from a fresh perspective.
    • From The Washington Post, Re: The Myth of Male Power
  • Intellectual dynamite...Farrell continues to open genuine communication between the sexes.
    • Anthony Robbins, Re: The Myth of Male Power
  • The relationship logic alone is worth your time and money. The author is a man well known for his evenhandedness with both sexes.
    • Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Re: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
  • I come away from this book inspired to be a more involved dad, with deeper understanding . . . helpful to my children.
    • Jack Canfield. Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul, Re: Father and Child Reunion
  • It will inspire and persuade dads to become more involved with their children -- benefit to kids, to moms as well.
    • John Gray. Author, Men are From Mars; Women Are From Venus, Re: Father and Child Reunion

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