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Wayne Mark Rooney (born 24 October 1985) is an English footballer.

Rooney playing for England


  • Obviously Chelsea have a lot of money, and some players see that as a good opportunity to do whatever, but I chose United because it was the best move for me. I really didn’t fancy going to live in London. I wanted to stay close to home. Once I knew United were interested, there was only one place I was going.{[1]


  • I love playing football but I think I am like everyone else, I hate losing and love winning. And if the time comes when I am not disappointed when things are definitely not going right, then that's when people should worry.
  • "Once a blue, always a blue" (non-verbal quote on a t-shirt worn by Wayne Rooney while still at Everton F.C.)

About Wayne Rooney

  • I can see Wayne having the same impact as Eric Cantona had on the team.
  • We lost the game because of two great finishes from the king.
  • His temperament is always there to be questioned because he plays on the edge. That is just the way he plays.It is a cliche but if you took that edge away from Wayne he wouldn't be the same player and I would rather have the Wayne Rooney we have now.
  • I'm looking forward to the World Cup because I believe Wayne Rooney could be one of the major finds in world football.
  • I love Rooney as a player. But I am a bit worried. Rooney can become the best player in the world at 25,26, if he knows that in football you need to be strong, train hard, go to bed early, be careful what you are eating, what you are drinking, what you do in life.
  • Wayne's been in my ear wanting to play, wanting to be captain, take the penalties, the corners, freekicks, goal kicks, the lot.

Wayne Rooney on other footballers

  • Paul Scholes is brilliant. He is a joy to play with, a genius.
    • After Paul Scholes' pass put Rooney through to equalise in the 2006-7 Champions League semi-final against AC Milan.[[8]]

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