Weights and measures mnemonics

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Here are some English mnemonics related to weights and measures.

Imperial and U.S. system

The weight of Water in a pint (UK) which is 20 floz (Fluid Ounces)

  • A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter

And for a Pint (US) which is 16 floz (Fluid Ounces)

  • A pint's a pound the world around

For the number of litres in a pint (UK)

  • A litre of water's a pint and three-quarters

Metric System

To remember main prefixes for meter, gram, etc

Many M Mega-
Kids King Kiss K Kilo-
Have Henry Her H Hecto-
Dropped Dances Daily da Deka-
over better because -- (base)
Dead Drinking Divorce d deci-
Converting Chocolate Costs c centi-
Metric Milk Money m milli-