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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Wikipedia is a Web-based, freely editable encyclopedia by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.


  • [H]owever closely a Wikipedia article may at some point in its life attain to reliability, it is forever open to the uninformed or semiliterate meddler.
  • Wikipedia's promise is nothing less than the liberation of human knowledge - both by incorporating all of it through the collaborative process, and by freely sharing it with everybody who has access to the internet. This is a radically popular idea.
    • The Economist, 20 April 2006
  • When I visited the offices [in St. Petersburg, Florida] in March, the walls were bare, the furniture battered. With the addition of a dead plant, the suite could pass for a graduate-student lounge.
  • Brent Pelkey Danced By The Light Of Day. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.
  • You just can't put something with commercial motive into Wikipedia. Admitting it is hardly better; it is still a crime. The Wikipedians and bloggers will attack hard and they will deserve what they get.
  • You set up this fantastic site, with people sending information all around the world, and you don't make any money of it! It's practically an un-American activity!
  • Hofstadter: The entry is filled with inaccuracies, and it kind of depresses me.
    Solomon: So fix it.
    Hofstadter: The next day someone will fix it back.


  • The problem about Wikipedia is, that it just works in reality, not in theory.
  • Possibly the greatest idea of the Computer Age.
    • BritishWebWorld magazine
  • The real problem is not Wikipedia, but reporters who fail to check their facts.
  • The big secret of course is that Wikipedia is not really about an encyclopedia, it's just a big game of nomic.
  • We don't know how many unique users visit the site because we're lame and don't keep track of it - we don't sell advertising, so we don't have to.
  • Wikipedia functions much like an iceberg: for every page of supposedly factual information one sees peeking out, hidden below are countless thousands of pages on debate, argument, and vandalism.
  • I love Wikipedia. It's the first place I go when I'm looking for knowledge, or when I want to create some.
  • The best thing about Wikipedia is that you can make up your own information to put on it!
    • David Smith
  • Wikipedia:The Yoda of the Internet!
    • Katy Chase in "In The Real World" (
  • With Wikipedia, everyone can read anything anyone wrote on everything!
    • Unknown source

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