Women Airforce Service Pilots

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"This is not a time when women should be patient. We are in a war and we need to fight it with all our ability and every weapon possible. Women pilots, in this particular case, are a weapon waiting to be used."
Eleanor Roosevelt, 1942
"You don't need legislation to prove something...you can be whatever you set your heart and head to be, and don't let anybody tell you can't be, because 1078 women pilots did it in World War II."
-[Annelle Henderson Bulechek, WASP][1]
"If the nation ever again needs them, American women will respond. Never again will they have to prove they can do any flying job the military has. Not as an experiment. Not to fill in for men. They will fly as commissioned officers in the future Air Force of the United States with equal pay - hospitalization - insurance - veterans' benefits. The WASP have earned it for these women of the future."
-[[[Byrd Howell Granger]]http://wingsacrossamerica.us/wasp/]