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Yellow Submarine (1968) is an animated film designed to present The Beatles music set to various images. It was directed by George Dunning and written by Al Brodax and Jack Mendelsohn.

Young Fred

  • H for hurry, E for urgent, L for love me and P for p-p-p-p-please help!
  • BLUE MEANIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not polite to point!
  • The Meanies are coming! The Meanies are coming!

John Lennon

  • I think it needs a rehearsal.
  • [impersonating Blue Meanie Chief] Go glove. Lovely glove!
  • This place reminds me of Blackburn, Lancashire.
  • Maybe we're all part of a vast yellow submarine fleet.

Paul McCartney

  • What's the matter fellas? Blue meanies?
  • Say, Ringo, you're not half the lad you used to be.

Ringo Starr

  • I've got a hole in me pocket!
  • I could've sworn I saw a yellow submarine. But that's not logical now, is it? It must've been one of them "Unidentified Flying Cupcakes". Or a figment of me imagination. But I don't have an imagination.
  • Liverpool can be a lonely place on a Saturday night, and this is only Thursday morning.

George Harrison

  • It's all in the mind, y'know.

Chief Blue Meanie

  • Oh, I haven't laughed this much since Pompeii!
  • Smash them! Squash them! Thraaaaash them! O-BLUE-terate them!
  • A thing of beauty... destroy it forever![1]
  • What? WHAT?! The Glove is losing his touch! Countdown (clown)... (begins laughing maniacally)... do your worst! Explode them!
  • My... dear... friends. Let us not forget... that heaven is... blue. Tomorrow the world!
  • Today, Pepperland goes... BLUE!

Jeremy Hillary Boob -- the Nowhere Man

  • Yes! Ah, "yes" is a word with a glorious ring! A true universal, euphonious thing! Engenders embracing and chasing of blues! The very best word for the whole world to use!
  • If I spoke prose you'd all find out / I don't know what I talk about.
  • There are simply no holes in my education!
  • Where ground is soft most often grows, arise! Arise! Arouse! A rose! [a rose sprouts from the Blue Meanie Chief's nose] A-a rosey nose?


  • Blue Meanie: Are you, uhh... blueish? You don't look blueish...
  • Max: Here, Your Blueness... have some nasty medicine!


[The Beatles approach a small creature furiously typing away.]
Paul: Let us show him our motor!
John: Steady on! I mean, you don't want to be showing your motor to just anybody!
George: Yeah, but this is a nobody.
Jeremy: Medic, pedic, zeroique. Morphic, porphic, dorsic, Greek! Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time — ha ha! — so much to know!
John: Well, can you tell us where we're at?
Jeremy: A true Socratic query, that!
John: Oh yeah, and who the Billy Shears are you?
Jeremy: Who? Ah, who indeed am I?
[Jeremy hands out some business cards.]
John: Jeremy…
Paul: Hilary…
George: Boob…?
[Ringo's card says Ph. D.]
Ringo: Phuddt!
All: Who?
Jeremy: Eminent physicist, polyglot cladicist, prize-winning botanist, hard-biting satirist, talented pianist. Good dentist, too! Ha-ha!
John: Lousy poet.
Jeremy: Critic's voice — take your choice!
Ringo: He must be one of those angry young men.
Paul: Yeah, or a daffy old creep.
Jeremy: Aye, daffy old creep?!
George: You speak English?
Jeremy: Old English, middle. A dialect, pure.
Paul: Well, do you speak English?
Jeremy: You know-ha-I'm not sure.
Ringo: He's so smart, he doesn't even remember what he knows.
Paul: Hey, let's show 'im our motor!
John: Should we 'im our motor?
Paul: He might not have seen one before.
Jeremy: Extra-super combustionable spring! Metrocyconic and stereophonic! Ha ha! This motor, I see, has a broken down thing! (smacks motor, which starts revving up again)
George: He fixed it!
John: He did fix it.
Paul: Great! Let's go!
Jeremy: (starts working on bust) I must complete my bust, two novels, finish my blueprint, begin my beguine.
John: Hey, Jeremy, must you always talk in rhyme?
Jeremy: Ha-ha! If I spoke prose, you'd all find out, I don't know what I talk about! Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time so much to know!
Paul: Hey, fellas, look!
Jeremy: (writing on a notepad with his foot) The footnotes for my 19th book! This is my standard procedure for doing it, and while I compose it, I'm also reviewing it!
George: A Boob for all seasons.
Paul: How can he lose?
John: Your notice is good.
Jeremy: It's my policy never to read my reviews!
John: There must be a word for what he is.

Ringo: I wonder what would happen if I pull this lever.
Young Fred: You musn't do that!
Ringo: I can't help it, I'm a born Liver-pooler.[2]

John: Well fellas, now Ringo's gone. What should we do?
Old Fred: Learn to sing trios.
Paul: Nah, let's save the poor devil.

John: Hey Ringo, I just had the strangest dream.
Ringo: I warned you not to eat on an empty stomach.

[A boxing monster sees the submarine and is about to attack]
George: Hey, it's seen us!
John: Find the boxing button!
Paul: Whoever heard of a boxing button?!
George: Who cares? Find one!

Ringo: Jeremy! Can it be you?
Jeremy: Can it be me? I think you'd better inquire of the guards, for when I was captured, they took all my cards!

Mayor: Your Faces!
Paul: We're quite cute, really.

George: Is that the motor?
Fred: Can't you tell one when you see one?
George: Course I can. Let me peruze it. [places his finger on a part of the motor zapping him; he removes his finger from the motor]
John: What do you think?
George: I think I burned me finger.

Chief: It's no longer a blue world, Max. Where could we go?
Max: Argentina?

Chief Meanie: Pepperland is a tickle of joy on the blue belly of the universe. It must be scratched. Right, Max?
Max: Yes, Your Blueness.
Chief Meanie: WHAT? We Meanies only take "no" for an answer! Is that understood, Max?
Max: No, Your Blueness!
Chief Meanie: That's better.

Chief Meanie: Ahh...the hills are alive.
Max: [singing] With the Sound of Music! [gets punched]

Chief Meanie: [softly] Glove? Glove? Come here, Glove. Look out there and what do you see? [aggressively] Tell him, Max.
Max: [Young Fred is running away] Someone running, Glove.
Chief Meanie: Yes...but you'll soon put a stop to that, won't you, Glovesy? Go, Glove; point and - having pointed - pounce! GO!

Young Fred: Oh! Frankenstein!
Ringo: Yeah, I used to go out with his sister.
Young Fred: His sister?
Ringo: Yeah, Phyllis.

Young Fred: Now whatever you do, don't touch that button!
'Ringo: Which button?
Young Fred: That one.
Ringo: This button? [presses the button and is ejected] Aaaahhhhh!
Young Fred: That was the panic button.

Paul: Look, it's a school of whales.
Ringo: They look a little bit old for school.
Paul: University then.
Ringo: University of whales.
John: They look like drop-outs to me.

John: It's blue glass.
George: Must be from Kentucky, then.

Young Fred: Help! Help! Help!
Ringo: No thanks, don't need any.
Young Fred: Won't you please, please help me!

John: Move over, I'm driving.
George: No, I got here first.
John:I'll drive if you like...
George: No, you sit in the middle.
Ringo: No, I'm sitting in the middle.
John: You said you were driving.
Ringo: I am driving.
George: I'll get in the back, then. [they drive off the screen] [CRASH!]

[opening a door to find King Kong abducting a woman]
George: Do you think we're interrupting something?
John: I think so.

[being swallowed by the vacuum monster]
John: The monster's packing in!
Young Fred: By all the sea nymphets! We're losing power!
George: We're being swallowed!
Paul: What should we do?
John: Serve tea?
Paul: Lovely.

Paul: Groovy! How do you start this thing?
Young Fred: She starts with a Blue Meanie attack.
John: Well... supposing there are no Blue Meanies in the neighbourhood?
Young Fred: Oh, well, then you, um, start looking for a switch.

John: Hey, Jeremy, what do you know about holes?
Jeremy: There are simply no holes in my education.
Paul: You mean you haven't composed a "hole" book?

George: Hey! There's a Cyclops!
Paul: Can't be. It's got two eyes.
John: Must be a "bicycle-ops" then.
Ringo: There's another one.
John: A whole "'cyclopedia"!

Young Fred: All right then. Let's get this vessel shipshape.
Ringo: I kind of like it the way it is. Submarine shape.

Paul: Shhh!
George: What did you say?
Paul: Shhh!
George: Good plan.

Lord Mayor: Four scores and 32 bars ago, our four fathers
Young Fred: A quartet?
Lord Mayor: And four mothers
Young Fred: A Mother quartet?
Lord Mayor: Made their way in this yellow submarine...
Young Fred: What, that little thing?
Lord Mayor: Pepperland.

[The Beatles are shown as their live action selves, after It's All Too Much ends.]
Paul: Catchy tune, that.
Ringo: I can't seem to get it out of my head.
George: Well shake it!
Ringo: That's what we've been doing all night.
George: Oh?
Paul: Yeah, it was a great party.
George: And we brought back lots of lovely souvenirs. [takes out a kite string with a wind-up mistaken for a motor] Here's the motor.
Paul: And I've got a! [the word "love" comes out of his hand]
Ringo: And I've got a hole in my pocket [takes out a fake hole from his pocket]
Paul: A hole?
Ringo: [throws down hole] Well, half a hole anyway. I gave the rest to Jeremy.
George: What can he do with half a hole?
Paul: Fix it to keep his mind from wandering! Ha ha!
Ringo: [noticing John looking through a spyglass] Hey! Look at John, will ya?
Paul: What's the matter, John love? Blue Meanies?
John: Newer and bluer meanies have been sighted within the vicinity of this theater! There's only one way to go out.
George: How's that?
John: Singing!


  • The forces of good! The forces of evil!
  • It's all in the mind, y'know.
  • Nothing is real.


  1. A pun on the opening line of the John Keats poem Endymion: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
  2. "Lever-puller" is a pun on "Liverpooler", as Ringo and indeed all the Beatles are. (The usual term for people from Liverpool, England is "Liverpudlian".)

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