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Popular use of the word Youth refers to a person who is neither an adult nor a child, but somewhere in between, scientifically referred to as an adolescent and, in most English speaking countries, commonly referred to as a teen or teenager. It is used to identify a particular mindset of attitude, as in "He is very youthful". In various social, political, cultural, and legal contexts, the word "youth" refers to a pre-determined set of experiences, ideals, and perspectives.


  • Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing.
  • YOUTH: The too-brief span wherein the human chassis is factory-fresh, undented and free of corrosion; a pristine condition worshiped by menopausal women in sweatsuits and shrinking men with chestnut-brown toupees, while those who actually possess it are frequently too shallow or despondent to enjoy it.
  • It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.


  • What I lack in youth I make up for in immaturity.
    • Marty Feinberg


  • I find young people exciting. They have an air of freedom, and they have not a dreary commitment to mean ambitions or love of comfort. They are not anxious social climbers, and they have no devotion to material things.
    • Unknown
  • You really are only as old as you feel. That's why I'll always be a kid, even after I'm a hundred years old.
    • Anonymous
  • I wasted most of my youth worrying about what other people thought about me, and then I realised that other people hardly thought about me at all.
    • Unknown
  • There is only one difference between an old man and a young one: the young man has a glorious future before him and the old one has a splendid future behind him: and maybe that is where the rub is.
    • Unknown
  • When I was a teenager, I felt that I was just young and uncertain -- that I was a new boy in a huge school, and I would have been very pleased to be regarded as something so interesting as a problem. For one thing, being a problem gives you a certain identity, and that is one of the things the young are busily engaged in seeking.
    • Unknown
  • Youth is truly wasted on the young.
    • Unknown

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