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MaryAnne Ysabella (born 4 December 1979) is an American vocalist and performer more widely known by her web name Ysabella Brave. Her YouTube channels, ysabellabrave (for her singing and comedic performances), and ysabellabravetalk (in which she discusses questions and concerns of her fans) are among the site's most popular.


  • Hi, new people — there's a lot of new people. Welcome to the family. We're a little weird here, but we're all very nice — so you'll fit in here. We're kind of intense — but you'll figure it out.
  • I appreciate that you have your own tastes, but — give me a break!
    • On being asked to return to her "natural" brunette hair, when actually she is naturally a blonde who occassionally dyes her hair darker, in "This Just In!" (30 January 2007)
  • I went, and I was rejected immediately — like that. First chance I got to sing, they said "you have a very excellent voice, it's amazing, blah, blah, blah — not what we're looking for." And that was it. And you know, thinking about it later: I don't think it's really for me — you know what I mean? That's all we're going to say about that. Let's move on.
    • On trying out for "American Idol" in "This Just In!" (30 January 2007)
  • Don't you think that it's amazing that I'm singing into this silly camera with the desk lamp, and it's going through all these wires and everything else, and these computers, and you still feel what I'm feeling, and you still get what I'm trying to do? Yeah. I think its amazing. And I think it's so nice in a period when we're very isolated people, and kind of emotionless people, I think it's great that we can still touch one another and we can still feel what we're feeling, and we can still have fun, and we can be sad, and we can be happy, and to know that someone cares about you — because I really do. I really do.
    And I can't believe that I have over 10,000 subscribers. What is wrong with you people?
    • "This Just In!" (30 January 2007)
  • I've been told I sound like I'm out of an old movie; that perhaps I'm faking my voice, that it's nice, that it's not nice — all kinds of things. Well it's my voice. The only thing I can think of is sometimes you're in one mood or another mood, and so maybe it sounds a little different, but I've always spoken this way — and I'm trying to sound pleasant — I hope it does sound pleasant, but that's about it.
  • There is a big difference you see between privately letting someone know that you're displeased, whether they've done something they may not be aware of, and just rudeness — and you do not have to tolerate rudeness, by any means.
    • Advice to new YouTuber afraid of criticism "ysabellabravetalk #1" (9 March 2007)
  • I had no idea how much music and singing really means to people, and in my own tiny way to be a part of that is very humbling and very sweet, and and I feel very honored. ... I have a great appreciation for this, in every ways and a new understanding, and I'm just as amazed as anyone else.
    • Response to a question on whether her increasing fame has changed her in any way. "ysabellabravetalk #1" (9 March 2007)
  • You know you're already brave. You don't get very far in life without having to be brave an awful lot. Because we all have our frightening moments and difficult trials and we don't have much of a choice but to get through 'em, and it takes a lot of bravery to do that. The most important thing about bravery is this — It's not about not being scared — it's about being scared and doing it anyway — that's bravery.
  • You need to laugh more. Life is filled with too many problems, to not laugh every day. ... We need to have a sense of humor going into this because it's too tough without it.
    • "Everyday Bravery" (25 March 2007)
  • So, it's just no hope. I cant be cool. I tried with the giant sunglasses — no dice. Sorry. I remain dorky forever. So — it's okay.
  • Hears the music under the rock
    One of these days he'll stop
    Don't stop when the music stops.
    • "Such a Quiet Man (original song!)", the first original song she posted to YouTube, about which she wrote: "I got bored so I wrote this song tonight. The music, instruments, the lyrics, backup vocals, everything was me. And yes it is TOTALLY WEIRD!!!!!!" (13 May 2007)
  • James — it's about your sister
    I wonder if you missed her
    I'm on my way to see you but I don't know what to bring
    Almost gave up the ghost, now you have what she wants most
    a little piece of heaven and a lovely song to sing.
  • We can be so afraid
    lost inside in search of a mother
    And yet we go about
    shouting "justice"
    and hurting one another
  • Let there be peace
    At least so blood will not flow forever
    Stop segregating yourselves and see
    that we should come together
    • "The Truth" (27 January 2008)
  • Control yourself and no one else
    And you will
    see the Truth my brother
    • "The Truth" (27 January 2008)
  • If I had asked me this about a year/year-and-a-half ago, I would have said "You can't trust everybody!" But now that I've been in the music industry, and famous, and on YouTube and stuff: "You can't trust everybody, at all."
  • Be careful what you say if you wouldn't want it broadcast everywhere — because you never know. My basic advice would be — for trust — is : Live the way you ought to live — all the time — as much as you can help it.
    • Trust - what's the secret?" (27 January 2008)
  • What greater thing can you do - besides for God - than good for other people? That goes for you mean people, too - I mean, really, what is your problem?
  • They might try to remind me
    That Such Tragedy surrounds me
    But this suffering created art
    I never found it scary... I was all undercover
    • "Undercover" (11 September 2008)

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