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Yu-Gi-Oh!, a Japanese animated television show.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei original)

Dark Yugi: It's game time. [JPN: Geemu no jikanda]

Season One (Duelist Kingdom)

Joey: Hey Kaiba, maybe we should duel sometime.

Kaiba: No thanks, I think I'll have much more of a challenge playing solitaire.

Kaiba: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yugi!

Yami: My grandfather's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain... the unstoppable Exodia!

Kaiba: Exodia? It-it's not possible! No one's ever been able to call him!

Kaiba: No! How could I lose!?

Yami: If you really want to know, Kaiba, open your mind!

Solomon: All right, can you name the strongest duel monster?

Joey: No.

Solomon: You do know what a trap card is, don't you?

Joey: Kinda... I have no idea.

Guard: Hey you, what are you doing? Get out of there! Only official contestants are allowed onboard.

Joey: How do you know I'm not official?

Guard: Because official duelists aren't trying to sneak into the ship through the lower hatches.

Yugi: Joey has a star chip. Didn't he tell you?

Joey: I do?

Joey: Yugi, I want to apologize. I've really been acting like a jerk.

Yugi: Oh! Were you acting?

Yugi: Uh, Joey, I don't think we should cook the candy bars.

Joey: Back off! I know what I'm doing!

Tristan: Drooling monsters?

Yugi, Tea and Joey: DUELING MONSTERS!

Joey: Dueling dinosaurs versus itsy-bitsy bugs? Raptor has got this one in da bag!

Weevil: I'm gonna take you out in one giant bug blitzkrieg!

Weevil: Say good-bye to The Unstoppable Exodia!

Joey: Just look at it this way, Tea, there are two Yugis - the cool one up there and the puny one down here!

Yugi: [After he falls over] Urghhhhhhh! That's not how it works at all!

Joey: Calm down! It's just a joke, man!

Yugi: I'll show you who's puny... remember here I have the power of Dark Magician!

Joey: Uh, Yugi?

Yugi: [Turns to Bakura's monster] Dark Magic Attack!

Yugi: Did you find out anything?

Joey: Yeah, I found out I hate virtual dogs.

Bakura: Check his pulse, Yugi!

Yugi: You've fought a valiant duel, my friend, and this is the hardest move I've ever had to make. But this ends now!

Yami: Exodia, OBLITERATE!!!

Tea: No matter how dark things may get, the special bond I share with my friends will always find a way to shine through! I may be scared, but that fear won't keep me from dueling!

Yugi: [Transforming into Yami Yugi] YU-GI-OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!

Season Two (Battle City)

Tristan: Yeah, brilliant, putting the rod in the hole and pulling really hard.

Joey: Say what!?

Tristan: Say nothing!

Yugi: Calm down, you two, or I won't share my hospital food with you!

Joey and Tristan: [In unison] We'll be good.

Yugi: Ready or not, Spirit, this is where you take over.

Yami: [Shouting at the Millennium Puzzle] Hey Yugi... I'm not... you can't... this isn't a duel! [Sees Tea watching] Oh, hello.

Marik: Silence! No one can resist my Millennium Rod!

Mokuba: What a digital dummy!

Season Three (Enter the Shadow Realm)

Noah: So, you think I'm insane for wanting to claim what's rightfully mine?

Kaiba: No, I think you're insane for trapping me in a virtual computer program and forcing me to duel you!

Gozaboro: Seto, don't you realize I treated you better than I even treated my own son?

Kaiba: Thanks for nothing.

Tristan: [Sees Kaiba and Mokuba in their Blue-Eyes White Jet] Where does he get this stuff?!

Tea: Oh, who cares...

Joey: You mean to tell me they were safe all along?!

Duke: Let's be glad it's all over now...

Mokuba: [Sees the gang flying in the KC rescue chopper] Hey, why they are traveling with the helicopter, Seto?

Kaiba: [Smiles] Mm? Oops... I guess the other ship wasn't fixed yet!

Tea: [Shouting] Noah, you think you're really tough, don't you?

Noah: Why, yes.

Noah: [His final line in the anime] I am a human, not a machine.

Nesbit: Yes, a five! That must be good!

Duke: Sorry to disappoint you, but rolling a five cuts your attack points in half.

Nesbit: What?! There's no logic to this dice game at all!

Season Four (Waking the Dragons)

Joey: Now why does all these weird stuff always happen to us? [Yugi is silent] You've gotta admit, it's true.

[Rebecca runs up to meet Yugi]

Rebecca: Yugi! [Squeezes Yugi]

Yugi: [Very suprised] Uh, hey....you!

Rebecca: Oh no, don't tell me you forgot about me already!

Tristan: Yet another weird event to add to the list.

Joey: And this one tops them all.

Tristan: It's probably best if we don't interfere!

Tea: [Leaning towards Yugi] Do you know this person, Yugi?

Yugi: Um, I don't think so.

Rebecca: Maybe this will refresh your memory! [Holds up the Ties of Friendship card]

Yugi: [After flashback] Ah, Rebecca!

Joey: It's that brat!

Rebecca: Hi! [Big smile; waves her hand]

Joey: Wait, she looks different. Did she get a haircut or something?

Tristan: No, she traded her teddy bear for glasses.

Rebecca: [Squeezing Yugi] I don't need a bear... now that I've got a boyfriend to protect me!

Tea: [Angrily] Um, excuse me? A boyfriend!?

Rebecca: [Another squeeze] My grandpa is also really excited to see you Yugi!

Yugi: Professor Hawkins?

Rebecca: Yeah, he's waiting at the Museum.

Tea: Grrr... [Anime vein throb]

Joey: Monsters?

Tristan: For real?

Tea: Oh no.

Kaiba: If I had a nickel for every time you said the word 'destiny,' I'd be even richer.

[The gang meets up with Kaiba after he defeats Alister]

Joey: So you dueled this guy on top of a moving plane?

Kaiba: Maybe I did. Don't you geeks have someone else to annoy?

Tristan: Next time, warn me before you're going to save yourself!

Season Five (Dawn of the Duel)

[After the Yugi won the duel against the computer in Kaiba Dome]

Joey: So Yugi, about that Underdog card... you said it reminds you of someone...

Yami: [Surprised] I did? Yes, well... Um... [To Yugi] A little help here? [Winks and switches with a blushing Yugi]

Yugi: Huh? ...Oh, that's real mature, Pharaoh! [Still blushing; looks at Joey] Er...

Joey: [Playfully locks Yugi's head in his arms] So, Yuge, everyone else seems to think that Underdog card reminds you of me.

Yugi: Well, um, let me put this in the best way possible: the card reminded me of you because when the odds are against you, you always pull through.

Tristan: I can see it on your business cards right now: Joey Wheeler, Executive Underdog.

Joey: [Angered] Hey!

Yami Bakura: I am a thief and a stealer of souls...

Yami Bakura: You cannot defeat me, for I am the shadows, and the shadows never die!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (Pyramid of Light)

Joey: Kicks to the stomach don't work.

Tristan: Neither do kicks to the head.

Tea: Hmm... wonder what all the commotion's about?

Joey: Dunno, but I haven't seen this many people running from school since they served meatloaf surprise last year.

Joey: If you wanna get to the King of Games, you'll have to go through me, the... uhh... da Godfaddah a' Games, capice?!

[Yugi runs from the mummies]

Joey and Tristan: [In unison] Yugi!?

Yugi: [Runs past them] Talk later! Run now!

Joey: What's with him? [He and Tristan see the mummies run towards them]

Joey and Tristan: Zoinks!

Tea: Yugi?

Yugi: [Opens eyes after his vision] Tea... would you read me the story about the bunny?

Tea: ...I'm going to pretend that was the concussion talking and forget about it.

Anubis: [After he is revived as a monster] It is no longer time to duel. Now it is time to die!

Joey: [To the duelist who had called him a nobody] Hey! Nobody by nobody calls me a nobody, you bunch of nobodies!

Kaiba: [To Pegasus after their duel] That's all, folks.

Pegasus: [After Anubis was defeated] No one could return after suffering a defeat as thoroughly devastating as that--well, no one but Kaiba, that is--I'm sorry, did I say that aloud?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Tristan: [Talking to himself] Who's the man? I'm the man! I can't hear you! I'm the man!

Grandpa: Well, as those kids would say, time to kick it old school.

Village Girl: Divine One, please hear me.

Joey: I hear ya, but please, call me Joey.

Joey: You gotta be out of your turban, bro!

Yami: Sorry, slight miscalculation on my part.


Yami: [During the series' opening theme] It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!


Kaiba: Mutts shouldn't disobey their masters...

Joey: I'm bad, you know it! I'm bad, I'll show it!!

Joey: Just bring it on, money bags!

Tristan: Don't worry, Joey. I'll be sure to take Serenity to the hospital for you. [Winks in a flirtatious manner toward Serenity]

Joey: [Angry in a protective motion] Argh, Tristan! I'll take you to the hospital!!

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