Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge (2001) is an expansion pack for Westwood Studios' real-time strategy computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Quotes from cutscenes

  • (Yuri has just revealed his diabolical plan of world domination)
President Michael Dougan: Yuri, Yuri, Yuri. The war's over. Can't we all just - get along? [pauses] What if I was to give you a full presidentual pardon? Your country needs a leader. It could be you.
Yuri: Why should I be content to lead one nation, if I could control the whole world, Mr. President?
President Dougan: [getting stern] You can't threaten us! We're the most powerful nation on Earth! We did win the war, you know!
Yuri: Did you? Indeed? [shakes head] I think not.
  • (After the Allies' failed attempt on taking down Yuri's Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz Island)
Yuri's Initiate: Komrad Yuri, the Allied planes have damaged one our power plants in San Fransisco. The Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz will not function!
Yuri: Most unfortunate, but we have other devices. I think time has come to activate them.
[Yuri pulls three control rods, activating his Psychic Dominators around the world]
Liutenant Eva: [on screen] Mr. President, we're detecting huge shockwaves of energy all across the globe.
President Dougan: My God, the maniac's really going to do it... May God help us all...
  • (after the rocket stolen from Yuri lands on Moon)
Liutenant Zofia: Your spacecraft has landed, Komrad General.
Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov: [staring into the camera placed above him] Finally, the Soviet Union have reached the Moon! One little baby step for Komrad General, one giant leap for Soviet people, yes? Ha ha!
  • (Soviet campaign ending)
Lieutenant Zofia: The castle has been taken, my general. I knew you would be victorious! [interrupted by an incoming call] Comrade General, we are picking up an energy buildup beneath the castle! The signature wave is consistent with the distortion wave of the Time Machine!
Yuri: I've found your little device in San Francisco. Repairing it was a simple matter. It is too late, comrade. The entire world and all of its history is mine to command and conquer. [the Time Machine vanishes]
Zofia: [typing speedily on a keyboard] We still have the Time Machine's command codes, comrade General. [finishes typing and turns to the camera with a satisfied look] I have overridden the controls and released all of the energy reserves. If you remember, we ourselves experienced some difficulties when too much energy was channeled into the machine. The machine's energy resource has been depleted. Yuri cannot use the machine without additional power. [sarcastically] He will be trapped in time!
[Time Machine exits in a forest clearing, at a nighttime storm]
Yuri: [Machine beeps in the background for low power] What is that? [spots a dark mass] Who is there? [a lightning reveals the mass as a T-Rex, who roars and steps on the Machine; Yuri screams as the camera blackens]
(several announcement voices): (image of Russian soldiers marching in front of a building with pillars, while a background screen repeatedly shows "REDS INVADE USA") (...) Soviet troops are on Wall Street (...) (image of a space station being constructed in orbit which bears the hammer-and-sickle) (...) new Golden Age of space exploration, thanks to Premier Romanov and his bold new program (...) have plans to expand across the Solar System...
In the middle of the first Soviet mission.
  • Zofia: We have escaped into the past, komrad General. But I'm afraid that our superiorly selected engineers have increased the efficiency of the American Power Plants too much! We have arrived more than 65 million years in the past. Stand by, while we attempt another time-shift.
  • Allied campaign ending
Yuri: Listen to me! [he is brought to a metal chamber by two men]... You will obey!
Guard: You behave, or there'll be no dessert tonight!
Yuri: [panicly] I'm Yuri, and you will obey.
[guards walk away laughing)
Carville: We've got a nice 'n safe spot for him. [a large, hollow machine drops onto Yuri, who panics] Professor Einstein calls it a Psychic Isolation Chamber. [chuckles] Thanks to you, he won't be able to mind control a fly! [everything suddenly becames distorted, he looks around confused] What's goin' on?
Lieutenant Eva: We're picking up a time distortion wave, general.
Einstein: It's the two timelines, liutenant! They are merging! One series of events must take presidence over us all!
Eva: Timelines merging in 3, 2, 1...[the distortion powers up]
[a scene similiar to the intro]
Eva: We're now on DEFCON 2.
Dougan: [comes in] What the devil's going on, Lieutenant?
Eva: He's surfaced, Mr. President.
Carville: [on screen]How've you been, Mr. President?
Dougan: [shocked to see Carville, who was assinated in the previous timeline] General... Carville! How...?
Carville: Have you ever heard of time-travel, sir?
[image changes to outside, where Tanya is wearing a black gown]
Tanya: [turns on the spot]What do you think? There's a victory bash at the White House tonight, so I thought that we could— (stares behind the camera, where Eva is approaching in a white gown; it is obvious that Eva has asked the general first)
Eva: You coming, commander?
Tanya: (looks at the ground, confused) That wasn't supposed to happen... (spots Einstein) Professor! Doc! Hey, you still got that Time Machine, right? Good. Could you send me back, like, two hours ago? I don't think you got your timeline straight. (to the general) Catch you on the replay.

Allied Units



  • Sir, yes sir!
  • On the move!
  • Safety first sir!
  • Attacking!
  • Diggin' in!
  • Hooah!
  • We're pinned down! (when under fire)

Attack Dog

  • Woof!
  • Grrrr! (when attacking)

Guardian G.I.

  • Solid as a rock, Sir!
  • We're uncrushable!
  • On the march, Sir!
  • They're right on top of us! (when under fire)
  • Let's move out!


  • I got him.
  • Oo-rah!
  • SEAL Ready.
  • How 'bout a swim?
  • Enemy in my sight.
  • This is too easy.
  • Who's ya daddy.
  • I'm your man.
  • Cover me.


  • Need a repair?
  • Analyzing schematics.
  • I've got the knowledge.
  • I won't be late.
  • Engineering.
  • I'm unarmed! (when under fire)
  • Got the plans right here!


  • I'm the best there is.
  • HA-HA-HA-HA!
  • Nothing can stop me!
  • Another loser!
  • Shake it, baby!
  • Cha-ching!
  • No fear, Tanya's here.
  • Where's the party?

Sniper (unique unit for Britain)

  • I love to camp.
  • Just give me a target.
  • Just get me close enough.
  • Target in range.
  • He's a dead man.
  • Sniper ready
  • Eliminated.
  • Proceeding to vantage point.
  • He's in my scope.


  • Mission, sir?
  • Undercover.
  • Spy ready.
  • Just give me a plan.
  • Disguise... ready.
  • Operation under way.


  • Pick a spot!
  • Removing...
  • They're history...
  • Never existed.
  • Without a trace.
  • Deconstructing...!
  • Already there.
  • Grease lightning.
  • oooaaaaahhhhh! (when killed)


  • Made for speed.
  • Taking 'em down.
  • Need a conversion?
  • Transformer panels in order.
  • Yup.
  • Hit 'em hard!
  • Fast and light!
  • Everyting's made to fit.

Grizzly Tank

  • Outstanding.
  • High speed, low drag.
  • Yes, sir!
  • Unit Reporting.
  • Destination Commander?
  • Fire zone confirmed.

Mirage Tank

  • Nobody here but us trees.
  • Now you see me, soon you won't.
  • Want some shade?
  • Aren't the trees lovely?
  • Mean, green, unseen.
  • Natural sanctuary.
  • Re-planting.
  • Look natural.
  • On the prowl.

Prism Tank

  • Readjusting stabilizers.
  • Calculating distortion error.
  • Lens shifters in working condition.
  • Prism sensors stable.
  • Positional data received.
  • Panels charged.
  • Prism Tank in order, sir.
  • Focusing light energy.
  • Calculating for terrain flux.

Nighthawk Transport

  • Pick em up, set em down.
  • Maneuvers in progress.
  • Tour Underway.
  • LZ is hot!
  • Air transport ready.
  • Fire on sight.
  • Visibility clear.
  • Cut them down.

Battle Fortress

  • Preparing for battle.
  • Rolling thunder!
  • Fire at will!
  • Taking it close!
  • Let's see some action!
  • Wipe em out!
  • We will crush 'em!
  • We will trample our enemies!

Chrono Miner

  • It's in the bank.
  • Twenty-four seven.
  • Oh, hello, sir.
  • Oh, there it is.
  • Mining.
  • Rolling with the chrono convoy.
  • You'll get the cash in a flash.

Tank Destroyer (Unique Unit for Germany)

  • No armour's too tough.
  • Deutchland's finest.
  • Demolition derby time.
  • You call that armour?
  • Not a tank I can't break.
  • Tank destroyer reporting.
  • Moving forward.
  • In the field.
  • Advancing.
  • Taking position.

Allied MCV

  • What's the word?
  • Loaded up and trucking.
  • Let's find some flat land!
  • Allied schematics on-hand.
  • Location is key.
  • Let's set up shop!
  • Wanna set up over there?


  • Pilot reporting.
  • Channel clear.
  • Instruments locked on.
  • We have 'em on radar.
  • We're going down! (When killed)
  • Wilco.
  • Watch my six.
  • Changing vector.
  • Like the wind.

Black Eagle (Unique unit for Korea)

  • Black eagle reporting!
  • Korea's Finest!
  • Let's take them out!
  • GOING DOWN! (When killed)

Aegis Cruiser

  • Aegis reporting.
  • Protector of the Allied fleet.
  • Rockets' red glare.


  • Allied ship reporting.
  • Attacking.
  • Main engines engaged.
  • Rudder set for new heading.
  • Aye, Commander!
  • Speed to full!

Aircraft Carrier

  • Pride of the Allied Navy.
  • Hornets in the air!
  • The largest ship in the fleet.
  • Flight deck cleared.
  • Naval air fleet engaging.

Chrono Commando (Acquired from enemy Allied Battle Lab)

  • A little C4 knockin' at your door!

Chrono Ivan (Acquired from enemy Soviet Battle Lab)

Psychic Commando (Acquired from enemy Yuri Battle Lab)

Arnie Frankenfurter (Unique unit available during Los Angeles Mission)

  • You're terminated.
  • You've been erased.
  • Let me pump YOU up!
  • It's judgment day.
  • Take this, girly man!
  • We got company!
  • Things are not good here!
  • We are under attack!
  • Nice night for a walk.
  • Aarr.
  • Your orders, give them to me.
  • I'm pumped up.
  • Find me something to terminate.
  • I'm ready to rumble.

Flint Westwood (Unique unit available during Los Angeles Mission)

  • Call me... Harry.
  • Meet Smith and Wesson.
  • Down and dirty.
  • Forty-five in the holster.
  • Don't mess with my head.
  • Walkin' the tightrope.
  • Magnum on the move.
  • Runnin' the gauntlet.

Sammy Stallion (Unique unit available during Los Angeles Mission)

  • Yo!
  • I'm their worst nightmare.
  • Ready for round one.
  • Yo, I'm there!
  • Fancy footwork.
  • You know it.
  • All right, sounds like a plan.
  • You want war? You got it!
  • You ain't nothing!
  • You ain't so bad.
  • You're the disease, I'm the cure.
  • This ain't looking so good!

Soviet Units



  • Conscript reporting.
  • For mother Russia!
  • For the Union!
  • Moving out.
  • Comrade?
  • Da.
  • Order received.
  • Muhmee! (When under fire)

Attack Dog

  • Woof!

Flak Trooper

  • Flak trooper reporting.
  • This gun is heavy.
  • Clouds of death.
  • Flak attack!
  • At least I have job!
  • Save me, Romanov! (When under fire)


  • Electrodes ready.
  • Tesla suit ready.
  • Charging up.
  • Moving out.
  • Going to source.
  • Rubber shoes in motion.
  • He's fried.
  • Completing circuit.
  • Commencing shock therapy.
  • 2000 volts coming up.

Crazy Ivan

  • I lost a bomb. Do you have it?
  • Don't play with matches.
  • Ivan's not home.
  • Happy birthday!
  • What's over here?

War Miner

  • War Miner here.
  • Building Soviet economy.
  • Making Russia strong!
  • Let's keep the ore moving.
  • Defend the ore!
  • They shall regret!
  • Relocating operations.
  • Equal share for everyone
  • Pride of the working class!
  • We are armed!
  • Serving the cause.

Rhino Tank

  • Vehicle reporting.
  • Moving.
  • Attacking!
  • We will bury them.
  • Ready, comrade.

Flak Track

  • Transporting...
  • Armored personnel carrier ready.
  • Flak them down!
  • Making tracks!
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Maneuvering...
  • Clear the air!


  • V3 launch unit.
  • Sending airmail!
  • Not too close, please.
  • Rocket fueled and ready
  • Warhead primed

Apocalypse Tank

  • Soviet power supreme.
  • I cast a deadly shadow.
  • Be patient.
  • Bringing down the Hammer.
  • Armageddon is here.
  • The Apocalypse has begun.
  • Taste your mortality.
  • It will soon be a wasteland!
  • They will run in fear.
  • The instrument of doom.

Kirov Airship

  • Kirov reporting.
  • Bombardiers to your stations.
  • Closing on target!
  • Helium mix optimal!
  • Airship ready.
  • Bearings set.
  • Maneuver Props Engaged!
  • Setting new course.


  • I won't make it!
  • I'm going down! (when killed)
  • MiGs on the way.

Typhoon Attack Sub

  • Use stealth.
  • Torpedoes armed and ready.
  • Sink them!
  • Dive!
  • Torpedoes away!
  • Hush! They may be near!
  • Checking periscope.
  • Target verified.
  • Fire torpedoes!
  • They won't detect our approach.
  • She's on our scope.
  • On our sights, comrade.
  • Running silent.

Sea Scorpion

  • I love my boat.
  • Good fishing here.
  • Riding the currents.
  • The water's warm, yes?
  • Nice day for a cruise.
  • Need a little speed?
  • A weekend getaway.
  • Running high!
  • They want some flak, eh?
  • Let's make some waves.


  • Vessel ready.
  • Ship reporting
  • Cruise and fire!
  • Navigating.
  • Course set.
  • Captain confirming.
  • Fire at will!
  • Target sighted.

Soviet Amphibious Transport

  • I am not armed, you know.
  • Don't get too close to combat.
  • Need a ride, anybody?
  • Where do you need to go?
  • Shuttle ready for passengers.
  • Let's take an excursion.
  • Let's keep it safe.
  • Planning course.
  • Checking with map.


  • There goes the neighbourhood!
  • It will be a silent spring.
  • Mercury rising.
  • Here comes the sun!
  • Ready for MELTDOWN.
  • Let's make an oasis of death.
  • Scorched earth!
  • Hhh hhh hhh... (heavy breath)
  • Desolator ready.
  • Reactor ready.
  • Find a hot spot.
  • Make it glow.


  • Take me back to Havana!
  • Adiós, amigos!
  • Vamos, muchachos!
  • For my people!
  • What are your conditions?
  • Here's a hot papaya!
  • For the republic!
  • Traitors must be eliminated!
  • Need a smuggler?
  • We must revolt!
  • I go freely.
  • I've been discovered!

Demolition truck

  • My truck is loaded.
  • As you wish.
  • I shall avenge us!
  • One way trip.
  • Watch out for the bumps!
  • Why don't you drive?
  • I'm prepared to die!
  • AY YI YI!
  • It'll be a smoking crater.
  • Don't wait up for me!
  • Let's make a delivery.

Tesla Tank

  • Maximum power.
  • Need a little boost?
  • Efficient and clean.
  • Positively.


  • Bring on the MiGs.
  • Hahahaha.
  • Die, traitorous dogs!
  • Eat lead!
  • Fools, you can't touch me!
  • Next.
  • Boris has arrived.
  • It is I, Boris.
  • I have no fear.
  • Let the games begin.
  • You're no match for Boris.
  • There's nothing I cannot do.
  • This will be easy.
  • Boris agrees.
  • I have an important mission.
  • Russia's fate is with me.
  • Boris's here.
  • Yes, Comrade General.
  • Let's light them up.
  • I'll point out a target.
  • Don't mess with me.

Yuri Units



  • He has taught us well.
  • I don't need matches!
  • Look! No hands!
  • Guns are too messy.
  • I understand.
  • Hail to the great Yuri!
  • Learning the past.
  • Enlightening.


  • I'm your handyman!
  • Nice architecture.
  • Needs a paint job!
  • I'm working!
  • This won't take much time.


  • Oopsie!
  • I want to play.
  • I like big toys.
  • Give me your lunch money!
  • Come to papa!
  • Heh heh heh.
  • I like to destroy!
  • Ready to crush.
  • It's clobbering time, no?
  • Turn me loose!
  • I was only playing...
  • Okay.
  • Goodie!
  • I will break you.
  • Hang on, my friend.


  • Here comes the plague.
  • Free inoculations.
  • I'm so very... contagious.
  • Epidemic on the move.
  • Viral agent ready.
  • Nasty bug going around.
  • Flu shots, anyone?
  • Which way is the wind blowing?
  • Time to infect.
  • Virus spreading.
  • No cure for this.
  • Mmm, better go to the clinic.
  • I need an antidote!
  • I feel sick.

Yuri Clone

  • Psychic ready.
  • Yes, of course.
  • Most unimaginative.
  • My command is your wish.
  • We could use one of those...

Yuri Prime

  • I am the one true Yuri.
  • I've seen this already.
  • You will move me there.
  • Yes, my exquisite mind...

Slave Miner

  • We're getting real dirty out here.
  • Dig! Dig!
  • Move those shovels!
  • Moving mining operation.
  • Foreman here.
  • Is my shift over yet?
  • Slaves are cheap! Hehehe...

Lasher Tank

  • Prepare for your lashes!
  • Yuri Tank Division.
  • Take me to front lines.
  • We will punch them through!
  • Yes, Mr. Yuri.
  • Lasher Tank, ready.
  • Bow to Yuri.

Gatling Tank

  • Gatling Tank ready.
  • I was born for this job.
  • Loadin' up the belt!
  • Scanning horizon.
  • Let's take the guns for a spin!
  • Guns ready for full auto.
  • Gun barrels cooled and ready.
  • I love the smell of gunpowder!
  • Let's clear the air.
  • Mow them down.


  • Coil ready.
  • Magnetic field commencing.
  • Generator ready.
  • Point me in the right direction.
  • My power is irresistible.
  • Moving within range.
  • Coils powering up!
  • Enemies locked.
  • Coils charged!
  • We need no compass.
  • Reversing polarity.
  • Maximum charge.


  • I am the mastermind.
  • Collective thinking.
  • Enter the thinktank.
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Let's have a meeting of the minds.
  • Let's make some friends...
  • This will be painless.
  • Mastermind on the move.
  • Where are the simpletons?
  • Always looking for new ideas.
  • Alpha waves ready.
  • Time for a brainstorm.
  • Let's collect our thoughts.
  • We're on diplomatic mission!
  • Brainwave overload!

Floating Disc

  • Yuri's airforce.
  • Let's transfer some assets.
  • Yuri's collection agency.
  • Disc in flight.
  • Accepting donations!
  • Yuri thanks them for their support.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Spinning away!
  • Levitation units online
  • They have nothing of value.
  • Their systems are vulnerable.

Yuri MCV

  • We build for Yuri.
  • Yuri is the master architect.
  • Where shall we make peace?
  • I hear and obey.
  • For Yuri's army.


  • Air pressure stabilized.
  • Deep sea vessel standing by.
  • Boomer systems operational.
  • Yuri will be proud.
  • Bring them down to our level.
  • Propeller systems engaged.
  • Locking missile coordinates.
  • Missiles ready for launch.
  • They'll never see it coming.

Slave (enslaved)

  • Can I have a potty break?
  • I haven't eaten in days.
  • Don't hurt me.
  • What is it now?!

Slave (freed)

  • We're free, WE'RE FREE!
  • Ahhh.
  • Liberty is sweet.
  • Whatever you say.
  • Sure!
  • Do I still need the shovel?
  • Will work for food!

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