Yuri Sakazaki

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Yuri Sakazaki is a character in the King of Fighters video game series.


  • "Oh, fudge! Over so soon? I'll never lose those extra pounds!"
  • "Why are you such a weenie? I was hoping for a workout!"
  • "Why am I so strong? Talent, just pure talent!"
  • "Oh, stop moping. Even in defeat, smile, smile, smile!"
  • "Tough and a babe! I'm just toooo much!"
  • "Like, lighten up. If you want to try again, I'm available!"
  • "I'm Kyokugen! Face it, Ryo! You're not fit to sweep for me!"
  • "Skill over power, spirit over skill! The secret to victory!"
  • "Any monkey can fight. Like, ya gotta use your intellect!"
  • "No one can imitate my super special moves!"
  • "Hey, you called me "Pirate's Dream" first!"
  • "Eh Eh Eh heh I sure know my stuff huh? I'm called the "Kyokugen kid" in my neighborhood!
  • "You have skill and speed. You lack invention!
  • "I'm like a cartoon: My breasts and booty bounce!"