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Zach Johnson (born February 24, 1976) is an American golfer.


  • If you want to see how good you can become, you have to go somewhere you can play year-round. We hit balls in a dome in college. That's not the best way to develop your game.
  • It's awesome. Out of all the teams he's had, it's an honor to play in the game where he gets the record.
  • That's good for us, because teams won't be able to key on one receiver. They're going to have to play all of us.
  • We don't have a DaVon in this group,
  • It's a huge goal of mine. It was at the beginning of the year. It's still foremost in my game, but when it comes to the first tee, I try to throw it away and just forget about it and go about my business.
  • There are 196 SCSU students that have Rec. passes that cost $27 per semester, which is a really good deal considering you could spend that in one night.
  • Anything can happen. The seeds are numbers, really. That's all they really are. There's definitely some truth to the top seeds. But on any given day, anybody can win.
  • When you're hitting it as good as he is, and starting to putt decent, it's a hard combination especially with a guy who has as much experience as he does. I feel good about how I played. I missed a couple putts on the back, but that was probably about it. No regrets.
  • Yeah, I'm going to try and play my best regardless of who I play. And seeing that he's the Ryder Cup captain, maybe it will help. I don't know. ... I feel fortunate to be where I'm at and I just want to keep the momentum going.
  • You've got to pretty much put the pedal to the medal.
  • That's just freaky good golf. You want to say there's always a chance, but it's hard to say in this situation. you have to keep playing.

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