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Carlos Zambrano (June 1, 1981 – ) is an American Major League baseball player who is currently playing for the Chicago Cubs.


2003 Near No Hitter

Carlos Zambrano -

I was real, real sad about that play. Four more outs to throw a no-hitter ... I was really sad. I saw the play on the field and thought he was out. But he's human (umpire Bill Miller) and anybody can make a mistake.[1]

Umpire Bill Miller -

I had the play safe. I saw a replay -- it was a point where Randall made a great stretch, made a great play. I have to go with what I had on the field.

2004 Season

Two Hitter Against Rockies

Clint Hurdle

This kid is electric. He overpowered us today. There's no doubt about that. He had everything and threw everything where he wanted to throw it with velocity, with tilt, with sharpness.[2]

Eight Innings No Earned Against Dodgers

Carlos Zambrano -

I feel good. Everything is working. I'm more comfortable, more experienced, I know the league better. I just go out there and have fun.[3]

Hitting Jim Edmonds of the Cardinals

Carlos Zambrano -

I didn't try to hit him. I just tried to make my pitch and the ball went out of my hand.[4]

Carlos Zambrano -

I just told him to run the bases and don't try to be cocky

Scott Rolen -

He's an emotional guy, but I don't believe what went on the field tonight outside of baseball deserves any words.

Tony LaRussa -

I don't care what the rivalry is, what the circumstance is, what the standings are, you are not allowed to cross the line in this game and their pitcher crossed it twice. It was pretty clear.

2005 Season

Opening Day Starter

Carlos Zambrano -

For me, mentally I'll prepare like a normal game, like I was the No. 4 starter. I just wanted to be focused for the game and not worry about anything else, not think about it being opening day.[5]

Carlos Zambrano - (after getting thrown out in the fifth inning)

I just said he (Umpire Dale Scott) needed glasses

Cardinals Matchup in July

Carlos Zambrano -

I was feeling great today, plus I like the matchup when I face Carpenter or (Matt) Morris. It's good to have Carpenter on the other side. Every time I come here I want to throw my best game and throw like I did today.[6]

Internet Elbow

Carlos Zambrano -

I've been on the computer a lot. They say that's the cause of the soreness in my elbow. I'll be in control. I spent four hours. Now, I'll have to spend one hour and take it easy.[7]

Dusty Baker -

The thing I've seen about people on the computer and the Internet is that it's addicting. We told him not to get on it, and you turn around and he's on the computer.

2006 Season

Comparing Pitching Style to Driving in Venezuela

Carlos Zambrano -

When you drive a car, when you're the driver, you know what to do. When you go 100 mph in Venezuela, you know what to do. The people in the passenger seat can be scared, but the guy driving the car is not scared. It's the same way on the mound.[8]

Attitude of Not Giving up on a Last Place Team

Carlos Zambrano -

I am one of the guys that thinks you never have to give up. When you have that 'X' that says you're eliminated, then you give up. Not anybody in the league, not Kansas City, not Pittsburgh, has that 'X' that says they are eliminated. We're still fighting for something. We still have a chance to do a lot of things. We're still fighting for something. We still have a chance to do a lot of things.[9]

Lack of Concern for Walks

Carlos Zambrano -

If you walk somebody, you just have to get the next hitter out. You can't be frustrated about walks or who is on base. If you've got good stuff that night, you're good enough to get the next hitter out.[10]

2007 Season

Offseason Needs

Carlos Zambrano -

We need one or two more pitchers. We'll see. I always said that any team can be good with two or three good pitchers. The best example is the Atlanta Braves with Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine back in the day.[11]

Pre-Season Predictions

Carlos Zambrano -

I believe this year, I can win the Cy Young, and besides that, we will win the World Series. I guarantee that. I have faith in that.[12]

Assessment of '07 Brewers and Reds

Carlos Zambrano -

I don't say that the Milwaukee Brewers are nothing, but I think the offense of the Cincinnati Reds (is) better. There's no making mistakes when pitching against Cincinnati. When you make a mistake against them, you pay for it. When you make a mistake against Milwaukee, sometimes they miss it and that's good.[13]

After Blowing Lead Against Reds

Lou Piniella -

This guy is your ace, you got a 5-0 lead with the eighth and ninth hitters coming up, you feel pretty good about that inning and all of a sudden it turns into a six-run inning.[14]

Check-in on Cy Young Status after Slow Start

Carlos Zambrano -

I don't think about that. I will think about that when I have the trophy in my hands. I just said that in spring training, and I'll just let it happen. You can see [Johan] Santana has like a four-something earned-run average. That's not Santana. At the end of the season, you'll see what Santana is capable of doing.[15]

Early Inning Struggles

Carlos Zambrano -

In the first inning, there is always something wrong. I hit somebody, I walk somebody, there's a blooper. But that's part of the game. You have to be able to control yourself and make good pitches to get yourself out of trouble.[16]

Fight with Barrett

Carlos Zambrano -

As soon as I saw [Barrett], we both hugged and talked and forgave each other. I think we became truer friends, better than we were before the fight.[17]

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