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Zdenek Zeman (Prague, Czech Republic, 12 March 1947), Czech-Italian football coach


  • It is untrue that I do not like to win: I like to win respecting the rules.
  • Football must go out from pharmacies.
  • It happens rarely to hear a lie from me. Because of this, I feel myself alone. It's a world, our one, where many lies are told.
  • There's nothing bad to be last-placed, if you are with dignity.
  • The great popularity of football it is not result of pharmacies or financial bureaues, but of the fact that on every square, on every corner of the world there is a child who plays and has fun with a ball on his feet.
  • Nowadays, football is more and more an industry, and less and less a game.
  • There's no victory, either a championship or a cup, which is comparable to a boy's health.
  • It doesn't matter how long you run, but where and why you run.
  • Sometimes the losers taught more than winners. I think I have given something more and different to people.
  • I will never change my modules and my training methods. In order to cover the pitch, there does not exists a module better than 4-3-3.

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